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Oct 21 2017 - NBIAA Provincial Champs Recap

The NBIAA Cross Country Championships took place yesterday in Charlo with 227 of the province's best high school distance runners competing. This year's championships was the first to feature the new distances, with all junior athletes running 4 kilometers and all seniors athletes running 6 kilometers.

On the girl's side:

Danielle Keefe of Fredericton High School won gold in the junior girls' race in a time of 14:49, while Emily Doucet of École Mgr-Marcel-François-Richard won silver in a time of 15:02, and Mackenzie Hall of Fredericton High School won bronze in a time of 15:13.

Fredericton High School won the junior girls' championships banner with a score of 14, followed by École Mathieu-Martin with a score of 96, and Bernice MacNaughton High School with a score of 116.

Isabella Lemaire of École Mathieu-Martin won the senior girls' race with a time of 23:24, while Hannah Trites of Fredericton High School won silver with a time of 23:47, and Sophie Black bronze with a time of 24:09.

École Mathieu-Martin won the senor girls' championship banner with a score of 44, followed by Fredericton High School with a score of 53, and Sir James Dunn Academy with a score of 57.

On the boy's side:

Francois Richard of École Mathieu-Martin won gold in the junior boys' race a time of 13:19, while teammate Tristan Morneault won silver in a time of 13:55, and Cassidy Balfour of École L'Odyssée won bronze in a time of 14:01.

Polyvalente W.-A.Losier won the junior boys' championship banner with a score of 66, followed by Bernice MacNaughton High School with a score of 83, and École Mathieu-Martin with a score of 88.

Lars Schwarz of École Sainte-Anne won gold in the senior boys' race in a time of 20:36, while teammate Alexandre Banks of Harbour View High School won silver in a time of 21:07, and Mitch Kean of Leo Hayes High School won bronze in a time of 21:09.

Bernice MacNaughton High School won the senior boys' championship banner with a score of 58, followed by Saint John High School with a score of 75, and Polyvalente W.-A.Losier with a score of 84.

"This year's NBIAA Cross Country Championships proved to be very exciting as a result of the new distances," said Gabriel LeBlanc, Executive Director of Athletics New Brunswick. "The distances proved to be both exciting and challenging, and will result in a better transition to the distances run by post-secondary athletes."

Full Results are available here:

Oct 16 2017 - Youth Cross Country Championships

The past weekend we held our First provincial Youth Cross country Championships in Fredericton. There was almost 500 kids aged 13 and under who participated on Sunday.

In the 5 and under category the girl's 500m run was won by Neve Yerxa, second was Ella LeBlanc. Third was Leah Friel. On the 5 and under boys side, Noah Mazerolle was first, second was Caleb Marcoux, third was Easton Morneault.

In the 6 and 7 year old category, on the girl's side first was Taylor-Lynn Brun, second was Anna Kilfoil, third was Morgan Groundwater. On the boys side Jerome Drapeau was the winner, second was Matteo LeBlanc, third was Mathis Landry. The winning team was Ecole Des Batisseurs.

In the 8 year old girls category Madeleine Colpitts was the victor, second was Terryn Bear, Third was Taylor Mason. For the boys, Grady Betts was first, William London was second, third was Brayden Waterhouse. For the team title New Maryland was third with 123 points, second was Lakewood Heights School with 105 points and frist was Park Street Elementary School with 68 points.

The 9 year old girls winner was Emily Thomas, second was Myah Trottier, third was Denelle Harker. On the boys side, Eric Desaulniers was first, second was Gavin Reagon, and third was Cameron MacCurdy. For the team title, third was Chris Saunders Memorial with 126 points, second was Bakers Point Elementary with 105 points and Ecole des Batisseurs was the winner with 56 points.

The 10 year old category the girls winner was Felicia Mortimer, second was Celine Despres and third was Claire Nowlan. On the guys side Liam Kilfoil was the winner, Luke Paterson was second, Kyle Broderick was third. The winning team was Ecole des Batisseurs with 110 points.

In the 11 year old category, on the girls side first was Tori Allen, second was Kate Theriault, third was Alexandra Leslie. On the boys side first was Alexi Collette, second was Jonah Young and third was Granville Delby. The top teams are in second place Geroge Street Middle with 63 points and first was Bliss Carmen Middle with 54 points.

In the 12 and 13 year old category on the girl's side the winner was Erin Vringer, second was Jessica White and third was Nicole Trites. On the boys side Nicholas Harvey was first, Micah Landry was second and Owen Blacquier was third. The top teams are, in third St. Stephen Middle with 56 points, second was George Street Middle with 32 points and first was Bliss Carmen Middle with 27 points.

Congratulations to everybody for participating, it was a great day and we hope everybody enjoyed themselves!

Oct 16 2017 - NBIAA Regionals Recap

On Saturday both NBIAA regional qualifiers were held, in Fredericton and Moncton respectively.

The south West regional was held in Fredericton in Odell Park.

In the junior girls 4km race the winner was Danielle Keefe with a time of 15:44, second was Mackenzie Hall with a time of 16:10, third was Madeleine McLeod with a time of 16:20, fourth was Frances Wright with a time of 16:25 and fifth was Emily Trites with a time of 16:32. The top 3 teams were Canterbury High with 84 points, Leo Hayes with 83 points and Fredericton High with 12 points.

In the junior boys 4km race the winner was Daniel Hawkes with a time of 15:29, second was Porter Taylor with a time of 15:32, third was Byers Justin with a time of 15:34, fourth was Misha Boulderice with a time of 15:43 and fifth was Matt Watson with a time of 15:45. The Top 3 teams were Hampton High with 77, Kennebecassis Valley High with 71 and Woodstock High with 65.

The the senior girls 6km race the winner was Natasha Vatcher with a time of 26:07, second was Allie Griffin with a time of 26:27, third was Hannah Trites with a time of 26:38, fourth was Hannah Haynes-MacDonald with a time of 27:00, fifth was Emmanuelle Martin with a time of 27:00. The top 3 teams were Saint John High with 56, Sir James Dunn Academy with 45 and Fredericton High with 27.

The senior boys 6km race winner was Lars Schwarz with a time of 22:00, Alexandre Banks with 22:54, third was Aidan Donnelly with a time of 23:26, fourth was Mitch Kean with a time of 23:39, and fifth was Ben Shafer with a time of 23:48. The top 3 teams were Leo Hayes High with 66 points, second was Ecole Sainte-Anne with 49 and Saint John High with 47 points.

The North East regional was held in Moncton at McNaughton High School.

In the junior girls 4km race the winner was Emily Doucet with a time of 15:51, second was Shelby MacIsaac with a time of 16:19, third was Hannah Lipton Levyssohn with a time of 17:11, fourth was Ariane Austin with a time of 17:45 and fifth was Kaekyn Pitre with a time of 18:28. The top 3 teams were Polyvalente W.-A.-Losier with 65 points, Bernice MacNaughton High with 51 points and Ecole Mathieu-Martin with 47.

In the junior boys 4km race the winner was Francois Richard with 13:46, second was Tristan Morneault with 14:16, third was Owen Enstrom with 14:45, fourth was Julien Thibodeau with 15:05, fifth was Cassidy Balfour with a 15:11. The top 3 teams were Bernice MacNaughton with 58, Ecole Mathieu-Martin with 49 and Polyvalente W.-A.-Losier with 46.

In the senior girls 6km race the winner was Isabella with a time of 25:25, second was Sophie Black with a time of 26:32, third was Amelie Cormier with 26:49, fourth was Amy Poirier with 29:05 and fifth was Ariane McGraw with 29:29. The top 3 teams were Ecole Secondaire Nepisiguit with 57, Bernice MacNaughton High with 53 and Ecole Mathieu-Martin with 17.

In the senior boys 6km race the winner was Nick Fletcher with 22:49, second was David Basque with 22:56, third was Logan Reid with 23:01, fourth was Ryan Haddad with 23:13, fifth was Jeremie Gervais with 23:27. The top 3 teams were Ecole Mathieu Martin with 41, Polyvalente W.-A.-Losier with 40, Bernice MacNaughton with 33.

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