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Jul 6 2017 - Action Packed Weekend for Athletics in NB

For the second year in a row, the Moncton 2010 stadium will play host to three track and field competitions this coming weekend, providing athletes of all ages the opportunity to compete in a world class venue!

For our youngest group of athletes, the Subway Run Jump Throw Wheel Series Provincial meet will be held on Sunday afternoon in Moncton. Over 300 athletes ages 8-13 who qualified for Provincials by placing top 8 in their respective regional RJTW meet are set to compete. Athletes are able to compete in a maximum of three events. This will be a great showcase of up and coming young athletes in track and field from all over the province.

Besides the Subway RJTW Provincials, the NB Legion Championships & ANB Performance Meet will take place over Saturday and Sunday at the Moncton 2010 Stadium. Athletes of all ages will be on hand to compete, but this meet is a requirement for athletes aged 14 to 17 looking for a spot to represent New Brunswick at this year’s Canadian Legion Youth Track & Field Championships. This year the Championships will take place in Brandon, Manitoba from August 1th - 13th.

The Royal Canadian Track and Field program is a nationally sanctioned program culminating in a national track & field camp and national championship for Canadian youth between the ages of 14 and 17 in the current year. National and provincial athletic associations have described this program as one of the best in existence and some rate it as international calibre. Many of Canada’s top track and field athletes have competed in this event. Past Legion Championships have seen New Brunswick athletes excel in their events bringing home medals, results of their hard work and excellent performances. Expectations based on performances by New Brunswick young athletes to date set the stage for these National to again be a successful championship.

Athletes to watch this weekend in Moncton include:

- Marie-Pier Cloutier of Saint John will be competing in the 100m & 200m and will also look to break her 100m hurdle record.

- ASEA’s Jordan Henri will compete in the 100m & 200m coming off strong performances this season, with a 22.08 200m time just last month.

- On the field event side, Lexie Shannon of Fredericton will compete in both long and triple jump.

- Ryan Evans of Saint John is certainly making a name for himself in the track and field world, as he will compete in the 110m hurdles, 400m hurdles, and the javelin this weekend.

- Shelby MacIsaac of ASEA and Ryan Evans of SJTC will have busy weekends with Shelby competing in the 100m, 200m and high jump while Ryan will be competing in the 400m, 110m hurdles, shot put and discus.

- Craig Thorne from Saint John will be out to break his recently set provincial record in the 110m hurdles set in Rexton a few weeks ago.

There is no doubt this multi-competition weekend will be a must-see so be sure to come out to the Moncton Stadium for some great track and field action all weekend long!

“With an action packed weekend scheduled, you can be sure there will be some great performances by our athletes. These multi-competition events are perfect opportunities for our youngest athletes to compete and also watch many of our high calibre athletes compete.” said Gabriel Leblanc, Executive Director of Athletics New Brunswick.

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