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Aug 1 2018 - 2018 Maritime Track League

The 4th annual Maritime Track League concluded this year in Prince Edward Island as Charlottetown played host to the Atlantic Championships. This year there were a total of 8 events that served as eligible competitions for the series.  Athlete scores are the sum of the three best performances they have over the course of the eligible meets.

The competition was tough all around this year, with everyone vying for top rankings and prize money.


On the men’s side, the winner was Mike Van Der Poel of Halifax with a total of 241.54 points. He started with his first eligible meet in Moncton at the annual ASEA Spring Opener being aided with a slight tailwind but coming through with a first-place finish in both the 100m & 200m. At the Nova Scotia Legion Trials/Provincials, Mike again found success with a second place finish in the 100m (time of 10.87) and another first-place finish in the 200m with a time of 21.87. For the final competition at Atlantics, Van Der Poel concluded with first-place finishes in both the 200m and 400m races with times of 21.35 and 47.14, respectively. Long Jumper Stephen Belyea of Halifax finished 2nd in the men's ranking, while Sprinter/Hurdler Matthew Coolen also from Halifax was the 3rd place finisher. 

Halifax’s Maya Reynolds was the winner on the women’s side. She opened her season in May also at the ASEA Spring Opener and never looked back, winning both 100m and 200m events. At the Nova Scotia Legion Trials/Provincials, she ran a blistering 12.15 in the 100m finals giving her a second place finish. Bringing her season and the competition to a close Reynolds ran an incredible 11.85 in the 100m and 25.01 in the 200m finals at the Atlantic Championship in PEI, giving her two more first-place finishes. Multi-Eventer Lorena Heubach of Halifax was 2nd in the Women's ranking while Véronique Omalosanga from Moncton, New Brunswick finished 3rd overall.

Intervale’s James Brace is the winner on the para side. Brace competed in a variety of wheelchair throwing events, coming through with wins each time. At the ASEA Spring Opener, he competed in the Shot Put, Discus and Javelin events and threw 6.89m, 19.23m and 16.84m respectively. Brace improved his Shot Put throw this year at the East Coast Games, with an impressive distance of 7.22m, while also claiming top ranks two other events. The Maritime Track League concluded for James with a throw of 7.48m in the Shot Put event, giving him a first-place finish as well as two other outstanding performances in the Javelin and Discus competitions. Young 15-year-old Wheelchair Jacob LeBlanc of Moncton was 2nd in the Para rankings. 

“Another successful year for the Maritime Track League and our NB athletes,” said Executive Director of ANB, Gabriel LeBlanc. “It is great to see so many New Brunswick athletes in the top 10 rankings and we hope that this initiative and partnership with Nova Scotia and PEI can continue to grow so as to benefit our sport and all of our athletes” added LeBlanc.

Prizes this year for the top athletes are: 1st place ($900); 2nd ($550); 3rd ($400).

Top 3  2018 Rankings:


Mike Van Der Poel (of Halifax, NS) 241.54pts

Stephen Belyea (of Halifax, NS) 231.67pts

Matthew Coolen (of Halifax, NS ) 221.52pts



Maya Reynolds (of Halifax, NS) 258.54pts

Lorena Heubach (of Halifax,NS) 242.13pts

Véronique Omalosanga (of Moncton, NB) 239.08


James Brace (of Interval, NB) 172.15pts

Jacob LeBlanc (of Moncton, NB ) 67.36pts

Top 10 rankings can be found online at

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