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Oct 4 2016 - ANB Coaching Connection 

Continual growth in the area of coaching education is a huge priority for Athletics New Brunswick. A new development for ANB will see a monthly coaching education feature titled, “ANB Coaching Connection” beginning later this fall. The monthly posting will be a short (500 to 1000 word) article focusing on a range of topics from a variety of authors published around the second week of the month. 


“There really is no need to put boxes on where educational resources for coaches can come from.  Our aim is to help coaches learn from a variety of sources. Coaching education is important and this is another medium for development,” said coaching education director, Jason Reindl. 


If you have topics you want to see addressed, are interested in contributing (being an author), or have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact our coaching education director Jason Reindl at or (506) 343-2149. 


The first posting for this new and exciting development will be the second week of November.

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