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Jun 21 2007 - Two NB Athletes Named to Canadian Teams

Two NB Athletes Named to Canadian Teams

Congratulations to Geneviève Lalonde on being named to the World Youth Team in the 1500m event. The Athletics Canada press release is at

Also, Congratulation to Mike Leblanc for being named to the Pan-Am Games team in the 100m and 4x100m. The Athletics Canada press release is at

While you are at it, check out the fancy new Athletics Canada website at

Jun 8 2007 - Michael LeBlanc Sprints to NCAA Division

Michael LeBlanc Sprints to NCAA Division I Final

Qualifying for the NCAA Division I Championship wasn't enough for Mike Leblanc. In yesterday's preliminary round he ran to a wind-aided personal best of 10.16 seconds to easily advance to the semi-final round along with fellow Canadians Richard Adu-Bobie and Justyn Warner. In the semi-final round Mike ran a wind-legal (+1.8m/s) time of 10.17 seconds! This time makes him the 2nd fastest qualifier, decimates his previous NB provincial record, puts him on top of the Athletics Canada Rankings and ranks him 12th on the Canadian All Time Rankings.

Congratulations to Mike LeBlanc on his incredible 4th place finish and 10.22 second 100m run at the NCAA Division I Championship. What a way to top off an amazing freshman year at Syracuse!

Jun 2 2007 - NBIAA Provincial Championship Four hu

NBIAA Provincial Championship

Four hundred seventy-four athletes representing 36 schools competed at this year's NBIAA Track and Field Championship held at the Canada Summer Games Stadium in Saint John on June 2nd. Great races, outstanding performances, and many personal bests were the order of the day and are evident in the 700 photos taken by Dave Tree. Final results, team scores and updated NBIAA records have been posted on the Athletics New Brunswick website.

Perennial 'AAA' banner winner, Fredericton High, once again led the race for the team scoring title with 175 points over the 62 events. Nepisiguit finished second in the 'AAA' category with 76 points. The races for 'AA' and 'A' banners were hard fought duels that had coaches meticulously counting and re-counting points with the completion of each event. The 'AA' race saw last year's winner, Bonar Law, out run Tantramar in the home stretch to win the 'AA' banner 63 points to 57 points. McAdam has won the 'A' banner ten times in the past eleven years. However, this year in the last event of the day, Sir James Dunn Academy triple jumped its way to tie McAdam at 31 points and both teams will be awarded a 'A' banner for their efforts.

The junior girls were determined to rewrite the NBIAA record book this year with six new records. Leading the way was Geneviève Lalonde of L'Odyssée, adding 800m (2:17.68) and 3000m (10:04.18) records to her existing 1500m record. Anne Marie Gosselin of Mgr-M-F-Richard lowered the 80m hurdle record to 13.41 seconds while Robbi Daley of Fredericton High lowered her own 400m hurdle record by over 2 seconds to 67.84 seconds. Fredericton High also set new records in the junior girls 4x100m (55.37) and 4x400m (4:21.16) relays. In other categories: Jennifer Bursey of Leo Hayes lowered the senior girls 100m hurdles to 17.48 seconds; Barry Britt of Hampton High, ran 8:44.1 for a new senior boys 3000m record; Gregoire Arsenault of Nepisguit sprinted to a new junior boys 400m mark of 52.38 seconds; and Nepisguit set a new relay record in the junior boys 4x100m.

Jun 1 2007 - Olympic Legend Bruny Surin to Attend He

Olympic Legend Bruny Surin to Attend Hershey Atlantic Final in Dieppe

Olympic gold medalist Bruny Surin has signed on as Canadian Legend in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Hershey Track and Field Games. Surin will attend two Canadian Hershey Track and Field Games events and will attend the 30th Hershey Track and Field Games North American Final on August 4th in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Bruny will be joined at the North American Final by American Legends Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis, Bruce Jenner and Rafer Johnson.

The second Canadian event takes place in Dieppe, New Brunswick on July 8th.  Read the original press release.

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