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Mar 31 2009 - Challenging times for New Brunswick Athl

Challenging times for New Brunswick Athletes at the World Cross Country Championships

Genevieve Lalonde and Joël Bourgeois were part of the national teams representing Canada at the world cross country championships in Jordan last weekend. Joël finished in 110 place-- the third Canadian on the team to finish only 5 places away from being the first Canadian home.
The course proved to be very challenging and Genevieve did not finish. However we received a note from Gen telling us how the race went and it certainly is worth sharing with everyone.

"Well well well ... All I can say is what an experience. So if you don't know yet I actually did not finish the race. I started  too fast as usually and well you know -----that can  sometimes be a bit of a problem but I was feeling good. I was exactly were I should be in about 20th position. I stayed there all of the race going up and down what they have been calling the "most difficult cross country race ever" and just went ----until suddenly at the beginning of the last hill started to feel a  little wierd. 500 metres from the finish I basically went blind. I got a blurred vision and felt really disoriented . I keep telling myself "let's go lets go" but I just collapsed. A Spanish coach grabbed me and I just remember being really disoriented. I had a major headache and they kept telling me I needed IV but I told them I didn't want it. So that's it -- I am not sad about the race it went quite well except for the fact I didn't have an official time and I probably missed half a kilometer to the end I did everything I could .
I guess I know what it feels like to push myself to the limit."

Mar 16 2009 - New 400m records set over the last month

New 400m records set over the last month by Gaudes and Howatt

On February 22nd Adam Gaudes competing at Havard University in Boston MA broke the sixteen year oldindoor 400m juvenile record finishing a time of 51.61 sec. While Adam competed on the East coast of the continent, Allyson was competing at the University of California in Northridge last weekend, where she smashed the seventeen yearold senior outdoor 400m record by over a second finishing in a time of 55.71sec. The full results of the both meets can be found at  and
Congratulations to both athletes on these fine performances.


Mar 13 2009 - Coach Applications for Royal Canadian Le

Coach Applications for Royal Canadian Legion championships for 2009

All  registered coaches in our province are invited to submit their names for coaching assignments  to attend the 2009 Royal Canadian Legion/National Juvenile championships to be held in Sherbrooke Quebec from August 5th to 11th. Information about the coaching positions available and application forms can be found at The deadline for applications is April 15th.

Mar 8 2009 - NACAC Cross Country Championships win by

NACAC Cross Country Championships win by Geneviève Lalonde in Florida

Congratulations go out to Geneviève Lalonde who, on Saturday representing Canada, dominated the Junior Women's Division finishing  in 1st place over 17 seconds ahead of the field. Five other teams took part in this championship race with the Canadian team leading the way.
Also taking part in the championships from our province was Barry Britt in the Junior men's race, who finished in 15th place, less than one minute behind the winner. In the Senior race Joël Bourgeois proved once again he is one of the very best distance runners we still have in Canada finishing in 6th place (second Canadian in the race) in the Senior men's race.
As a result of these races Canada will be sending full teams to the World Cross Country Championships in Amman Jordan , later this month.
The full results of the NACAC cross country championships can be found here

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