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Jul 29 2014 - ANB Mentorship Camp Recap

As part of the 2014 ANB Mentorship Program the three apprentice coaches recently took part in a three day camp held in Saint

John from July 21st to 23rd.  


The three coaches involved, Jennifer Butler (Bathurst), Wendy Randell (Moncton), and Kathleen Kiely (Fredericton), got to take

part in a number of on track sessions with HP Coach Jason Reindl and were also able discuss coaching related matters over meals

and during classroom sessions.  While countless topics were discussed a few recurring themes included planning and periodization,

event technique, skill acquisition, strength training, nutrition, and mental skills.  


“It was a jam packed, informative three days, with hands on activities at the track and gym, and great discussions on a great

variety of topics, both on and off the track! A very personalized , enriching and enjoyable three days!” - Jennifer Butler


"I highly recommend the ANB Mentorship Coaching Clinic for any coach as it is another avenue to learn and add more information

to your toolbox. Jason challenged us not only during the camp but also months leading up to it. I Learned a lot.” - Kathleen Kiely


“Taking part in the ANB mentorship program has been a great experience.  Lots of opportunity to stretch and grow as a coach.

Thanks to Jason and ANB.” - Wendy Randell


“I could not be happier with how this first coaching camp went.  All three of these coaches were focused on learning over

the three days.  The amount of sharing and group discussion was purposeful and clear.  Everyone came away excited to head back to their

coaching situations with new ideas.  This was a great development for ANB,” said HP Coach Jason Reindl.  


As part of the Mentorship Program the three apprentice coaches have one more task before the program wraps up. 

This task will incorporate everything that has been discussed over the last 4 months requiring the coaches to set up their initial

plans for next year.  


Jul 28 2014 - NB Athletics at North American Indigenous Games in Regina!

REGINA-N.-B, athletes captured an amazing 14 medals in Track and Field at the 2014 North American Indigenous Games in Regina!



Athletics 100m U16 Male              Tyrell Marin

Athletics 200m U19 Female         Nadia Wysote

Athletics 400m U19 Female         Nadia Wysote

Athletics 400m U19 Male              Isaiah Francis

Athletics 800m U19 Female         Nadia Wysote

Athletics 4x400m Relay U19 Female         Team New Brunswick



Athletics 200m U16 Male              Dusty Augustine

Athletics Long Jump U16 Male   Tyrell Marin

Athletics Shot Put U19 Male        Patrick Dennis

Athletics 4x400m Relay U19 Male             Team New Brunswick




Athletics 100m U16 Male              Dusty Augustine

Athletics 300m U16 Male              Tyrell Marin

Athletics Triple Jump U19 Male  Isaiah Francis

Athletics Discus U19 Male            Patrick Dennis


''ANB is extremely proud of these athletes and their performances. We have been working hard on growing athletics within our aboriginal population so we are hoping these results will inspire more aboriginal youths to give athletics a try" said Gabriel LeBlanc Technical Director of Athletics New Brunswick. '' Many of these athletes will be our future Provincial team members including our next Canada Games Team''


The North American Indigenous Games  is hosted every three years alternating between Canada and the United States of America. This year they were held in Regina from July 20-27.The event showcased unity, sport, culture, youth, volunteerism and team work between First Nations, Metis and Non-Indigenous communities. The theme of the Regina 2014 North American Indigenous Games was “Raising the Bar” and regrouped over 3 500 athletes, 1000 coaches, 200 team managers and over 4 000 volunteers.


Results here:

Jul 27 2014 - NB Dominates at the Jeux de la Francophonie Canadienne

The Canadian Francophone Games took place in Gatineau, Quebec from July 23-27th. New Brunswick's track and field team achieved a record medal haul. In total, 20 athletes from the province managed to amass 44 medals, including 21 gold, thus winning the banner in athletics.       


Here are the complete results of NB Athletics  (M = Midget  Y = Youth)    


Gold (21)  

- Marie-Pier Cloutier - M - 100m (13.20) and Long Jump (4.65m, Games Record)

- Maude Cyr-Deschenes - M - 1200m (4:11.66)  

- Sophie Black - M - High Jump (1.46m, Games Record)

- Kyla Hughes - M - Shot Put (10.88m) and Javelin (29.02m, Games Record)

- Luisa Schwartz - Y - 800m (2:19.46), 1500m (4:43.51), and 3000m (10:13.19)

- Maika Martin - Y - High Jump (1.46m)

- Sara-Eve Noel - Y - Discus (37.54m, Games Record)

- Isabelle Morris - Y - Javelin (38.16m, Games Record)

- Cameron Levesque - M - 100m (11.88), 200m (24.46), and 300m (38.88)

- Pierre-Luc McGraw - M - Triple Jump (11.18m), Long Jump (5.69m), and High Jump (1.73m, Games Record)

- Pierre Dumouchel - Y - 800m (1:58.14) and 1500 (4:08.35)

- Olivier Charron -  Y - Javelin (49.87m)      


Silver (17)  

- Sophie Black - M - 300m (46.61)  

- Maude Cyr-Deschenes - M - 2000m (7:34.58)  

- Rachelle Hache - M - Discus (23.65m)

- Maika Martin - Y - 100m (13.06), 200m (26.89)

- Sara-Eve Noel - Y - Shot Put (11.02m) and Javelin (32.79m)

- James Cormier - M - 100m (12.00), and 200m (24.53)

- Frederic Savoie - M - 1200m (3:37.48), 2000m (6:37.26), and High Jump (1.60m)

- Marco Cormier - M - Javelin (44.62m)  

- Philippe Beaudin - Y - 100m (11.58) and 200m (23.62)

- Pierre Dumouchel - Y - 3000m (9:16.33)

- 1) Pierre-Luc McGraw 2) Cameron Levesque 3) James Cormier 4) Philippe Beaudin - 4x100m (47.21)


Bronze (6)  

Sophie Black - M - 200m (30.11)

Isabelle Morris - Y - Shot Put (9.96m) and Discus (26.79m)

Samuel Brideau - M - Javelin (42.66m), Shot Put (9.65m)

Samuel Guitard - Y - 800m (2:00.86)


"The athletes of the province have managed once again to outdo themselves" said Gabriel LeBlanc, Technical Director of Athletics New Brunswick. "We had a team with a lot of tallent and depth, and the athletes were able to perform beyond our greatest expectations."


Full results available here:


The Canadian Francophone Games are among the largest gatherings of Canada’s French speaking youth. In addition to encouraging hundreds of young people to exercise their talents in one of three sectors (arts, leadership and sports), the Games showcase cultural pride, self-confidence and leadership abilities in a friendly competitive setting. Since the first Games in 1999, no less than 20,000 people have been involved. Included: extraordinary encounters, an exciting francophone experience and a schedule rich in festivities.

The Canadian Francophone Games are a French Canadian Youth Federation initiative, supported financially by Heritage Canada.

The French Canadian Youth Federation relies on the partnership with an Organizing Committee (host city) to put in place the logistics and program for the event. The Games are held during the summer months every three years. A contingent of 1,200 participants and more than 750 volunteers, are expected for every Games.

  « Les athlètes de la province ont su encore une fois se surpasser », affirme Gabriel LeBlanc, directeur technique d’Athlétisme Nouveau-Brunswick. « Nous avions une équipe avec énormément de tallent et de profondeur, et les athlètes ont su performer au-delà de nos plus grandes attentes ».    Voici les résultats complets du NB en Athlétisme ( C= Cader J=Jeunesse) Or  (21) 100m C   Cloutier, Marie-Pier 13.20 1200m C   Cyr-Deschenes, Maude 4:11.66  Hauteur C   Black, Sophie 1.46m  *Record des Jeux* Longueur C Cloutier, Marie-Pier  4.65m *Record des Jeux* Poids C     Hughes, Kyla 10.88m  Javelot C Hughes, Kyla 29.02m   *Record des Jeux* 800m J Schwartz, Luisa 2:19.46   1500m J Schwartz, Luisa 4:43.51 3000m J Schwartz, Luisa  10:13.19  Hauteur J Martin, Maika       1.46m  Disques J Noel, Sara-Eve     37.54m *Record des Jeux* Javelot J Morris, Isabelle   38.16m  *Record des Jeux* 100m C Levesque, Cameron     11.88    200m C Levesque, Cameron     24.46  300m C Levesque, Cameron     38.88 Hauteur C McGraw, Pierre-Luc    1.73m  *Record des Jeux* Longueur C McGraw, Pierre-Luc    5.69m   Triple Saut C McGraw, Pierre-Luc 11.18m 800m J Dumouchel, Pierre    1:58.14 1500m J        Dumouchel, Pierre    4:08.35 Javelot J Charron, Olivier   49.87m     Argent (23) 300m C Black, Sophie       46.61  2000m C C-Deschenes, Maude  7:34.58  Disques C Hache, Rachelle    23.65m   100m J Martin, Maika       13.06    200m J Martin, Maika       26.89  -0.1  Poids J Noel, Sara-Eve     11.02m   Disques J Noel, Sara-Eve     32.79m   100m C Cormier, James      12.00   2.4  200m C Cormier, James      24.53   1.0 1200m C Savoie, Frederic  3:37.48  2000m C Savoie, Frederic  6:37.26  Hauteur C Savoie, Frederic    1.60m Javelot C Cormier, Marco     44.62m 100m J Beaudin, Philippe     11.58   1.4 200m J Beaudin, Philippe     23.62 3000m J Dumouchel, Pierre      Nouv-Brunswick         9:16.33 4x100m       NB     47.21        1) 78 McGraw, Pierre-Luc           2) 77 Levesque, Cameron                 3) 73 Cormier, James               4) 70 Beaudin, Philippe Henry        Bronze(6) 200m C Black, Sophie       30.11   0.6  Poids J Morris, Isabelle    9.96m  Disques J Morris, Isabelle   26.79m   Poids C Brideau, Samuel     9.65m Javelot C Brideau, Samuel    42.66m   800m C Guitard, Samuel   2:00.86     4e Poids C Hughes, Kyla        14.10   0.7  800m C Cyr-Deschenes, Maude 2:39.73 Hauteur C Cloutier, Marie-Pier    1.30m   Triple C Cyr-Deschenes, Maude    8.24m  +0.0 Poids C Hache, Rachelle     8.68m   Disques C Hache, Rachelle    23.65m dis  Javelot C Hughes, Kyla       17.82m   Javelot C Hache, Rachelle    20.53m   800m J Dumouchelle, Danie 2:29.53 1500m J Dumouchelle, Danie 5:17.91  800m C Savoie, Frederic  2:16.13 Longueur J Morris, Isabelle    4.50m  Poids C Brideau, Samuel    10.95m Poids J Charron, Olivier   10.32m      5e 400m J Dumouchelle, Danielle 1:06.57      6 Longueur C Hache, Rachelle     3.37m  -0.1  Triple J Dumouchelle, Danie    7.95m  -2.2  Poids C Cormier, Marco     10.26m  400m J Guitard, Samuel     56.39 1500m J Guitard, Samuel   4:25.27       7e 4x100m NB              56.24         1) 62 Cloutier, Marie-Pier         2) 60 Black, Sophie                     3) 68 Noel, Sara-Eve               4) 66 Martin, Maika     Hauteur J Beaudin, Philippe     1.45m     8e Longueur C Cormier, James      3.21m    Longueur J Charron, Olivier    5.16m     9e 300m C Cormier, Marco      45.70  200m J Charron, Olivier    25.92   0.7  Javelot J Guitard, Samuel    20.48m    10e Longueur J Dumouchel, Pierre     4.88m   Résultats complet disponible ici :

Jul 23 2014 - Le Nouveau Brunswick est pręt pour les JDLF 2014

(translation to Come)Athlétisme
Le Nouveau Brunswick est prêt pour les JDLF 2014

Gatineau-Demain (jeudi) sera le début de la compétition d’athlétisme au Jeux de la francophonie Canadienne. Le N.-B. qui avait gagné la bannière des 2 dernier jeux  en 2008 et 2011  se donne le défis de remporter encore une fois les honneurs.
(c pour cadet soit 14-15 ans et j pour jeunesse 16-17-et 18 ans)
Voici les athlètes qui compétition dès 10h demain


Piste finales
 10h - 1500 m  J-F : Luisa Schwarz  et Danielle Dumouchel
 10h10 - 1500m  J-H : PierreDumouchel et Sam Guitard
 10h20 300m   C-F : Sophie Black
 10h30 300m C-H : Cameron Levesque et Marco Cormier
 10h35 400m J-F : Danielle  Dumouchel
 10h45 400m J-H : Samuel Guitard

Piste Prelim
 10h55 pr 4x100m CF JF : Pierre Luc McGraw, Cameron Levesques, James Cormier , Phillipe Beaudin
 11h15 pr 4x100m CH JH : Marie Pier Cloutier, Sophie Black , Maude Cyr Deschenes, Maika Martin

Pelpouse  Finale:
 10h Javelot C-F : Kyla Hughes et Rachelle Haché
 10h Hauteur C-H : Pierre Luc McGraw et Frederick Savoie
 10h Poids J-H: Olivier Charron
 11h30 Javelot J-F: Isabelle Morris et Sara-Eve Noel
 11h30 Hauteur J-H : Phillipe Beaudin
 11h30 Poids C-H : Marco Cormier et Samuel Brideau

‘L’équipe est très forte encore cette année. Ces jeux sont une très belle expérience pour les jeunes ‘ a dit Gabriel LeBlanc ‘Plusieurs de nos meilleurs athlètes tels Genevieve Lalonde, Ryan Cassidy ont fait leurs déb ut de carrière à ces jeux ‘ ajoute LeBlanc

Jul 17 2014 - Legion Team announced

The Royal Canadian Legion, New Brunswick Command is pleased to announce the 36 athletes that will be representing New Brunswick at the 2014 Legion Canadian Youth Track & Field Championships in Langley, BC August 15-17th.  

Capital District

Luisa Schwarz

Natasha Vatcher

Jack Berkshire

Andrew LeBlanc

Hannah Trites

Alexondra Kiely

Robyn Davis

Taylor Dunn

Braden Harrison

Bailey Lockard


Saint John District

Victoria LeBlanc

Anthony Cormier

Brady Graves

Marie-Pier Cloutier


Northumberland Kent District

Kyla Hughes

Brianna Forbes

Maika Martin


Royal District

Kenneth McGovern


Westmorland Albert District

Melissa Pellerin

Sophie Black

Mickyle Welsh

Olivier Charron

Derek Kenny

Nicholas MacLean

Olivia Malone

Jean-Marc Gaudet


Upper Valley District

Cameron Levesque

Samantha Taylor

Adrian Kinney


North Shore District

Sara-Eve Noel

Pierre-Luc McGraw

Alex Roussel

Christian Godin

Nadia Wysote

Philippe-Henry Beaudin

Samuel Guitard


‘’Our 2014 Legion team will be one of the strongest we ever send to Nationals ‘’ said Gabriel LeBlanc Technical Director of Athletics New Brunswick. ''We have a great mix of athletes and we are very excited to see them against the best of Canada'' added LeBlanc

Jul 15 2014 - Thank You ANB Summer Students!

The last provincial competition in NB marks the end of Outdoor season for ANB (but not for all ANB members, as there as still a few regional competitions and out of province championships, such as Atlantic Championships in Nova Scotia). The end of the summer also means that this summer's batch of ANB summer students are finishing their last few hours.

Athletics New-Brunswick once again had a great group of summer students working together and with the community to organize competitions and Run, Jump, Throw sessions. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed and our Summer programs have benefited a lot from their imput!

Stephanie is finishing her third summer as Gabriel LeBlanc's Administrative Assistant and Lynette Manuel is ending her second summer as a Run, Jump, Throw Instructor/Meet organizer in the Fredericton area. Aaron LeBlanc (Moncton), Catherine Poirier (Tracadie) and Daniel Brown (Saint John) are all finishing their first summers as RJT Instructors/Meet organizers in their respective regions.

Once again, thank you to our awesome group of summer students. We will miss you!

Jul 15 2014 - Good Luck to Team NB in Saskatchewan and Quebec Next Week!

New-Brunswick will be proudly represented in Saskatchewan and in Quebec next week in the sport of track and field (July 20th to July 28th).

New-Brunswick Aboriginal Sport and Recreation and ANB will be sending a team of twelve athletes to the 2014 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) in Regina, Saskatchewan. For a list of the team members, go to the following link:

Another Team NB will be competing in Gatineau, Quebec at the Jeux de la francophonie canadienne 2014. A total of twenty athletes will be sent by the Fédération des jeunes francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick (FJFNB) and ANB to these Francophone Games. New-Brunswick dominated at the last Games in Sudbury, Ontario in 2009, earning a total of 42 medals. This year’s team hopes to beat that record! Click here to see a full list of the team:

“Best of luck to all of our ANB athletes who are competing in these big competitions in the following weeks. I have no doubt that the province will be well represented and that the athletes will make us proud!” – Gabriel LeBlanc, Technical Director of ANB.

For more information about the North American Indigenous Games:

For more information about the Jeux de la francophonie canadienne:

Jul 15 2014 - 2014 Hershey North-American Final Team Member Announcement

A total of eight young New-Brunswick athletes have been selected to participate in the 2014 Hershey North American Final in Hershey, Pennsylvania on August 2nd 2014.    Here are the four athletes who have been selected for individual events:   Guillaume Savoie from Neguac will be competing in the 13/14 boys softball throw Dannielle Alexander of Jacksontown will be participating in the 9/10 girls Standing long Jump Robyn Davis from Fredericton will be running in the 13/14 girls 800 metres Hannah Trites also from Fredericton will be competing in the 13/14 girls 1600 metres   Here are the four girls who have been selected for the 13/14 girls 4x100m relay team:
Julia Dickinson from Beaver Dam- Laura Duffley from Grand Bay Lexie Shannon from Richibucto Road Johanna McGuigan from Fredericton   Dave Thomas, Wendy Quigg and Kathleen Kiely will be accompanying the athletes to the North American Final.   Best of luck to these young athletes at the last ever North American Hershey Final!   For more information on the Hershey Program, see the following link:

Jul 14 2014 - Five Master's Athletes at Canadian Master's Champs

ANB would like to congratulate five of our province’s best Master’s athletes who competed at the 2014 Canadian Master’s Outdoor Championships in Toronto on July 12-13. Paul Thibodeau, Paul Gauthier, Imrich Kiraly, David Blackwood and Andrew Justason each broke at least one provincial record for a total of seven records broken in one competition.

Paul Thibodeau from Moncton got a gold medal and a provincial record in the M50 10,000m race in a time of 40:23.12.

Paul Gautier of Rothesay earned himself three gold medals in the M45 Shot put (12.33m), Hammer throw (32.96m and NB record) and Weight throw (12.78m and NB record), and two silver medals in the Discus throw (26.73m) and Javelin throw (35.65m).

Imrich Kiraly of Yarmouth also got three gold medals in the M65 Shot put (9.39m), Hammer throw (28.58m and new NB record) and Weight throw (11.68m and new NB record). Kiraly also got silver in the Discus throw (33.76m).

David Blackwood of Rothesay earned one gold medal in the M65 Javelin throw (35.01m and new NB record) and a bronze medal in the Discus throw (26.96m).

Andrew Justason of Fredericton won the M40 pentathlon and established a new NB record in the 200m (25.61).

Way to go guys!

Full results can be found here:

Jul 14 2014 - 2014 NB Legion Championships Recap

This past weekend, the Moncton Stadium played host to New Brunswick’s top young athletes. The New Brunswick Legion Section Meet, along with an open category, took place in Moncton on Saturday and Sunday July 12-13. The hot temperatures and bright sun didn’t seem to bother the athletes too much, as a number of personal bests were recorded at the meet.

The selection meet was mandatory for any athlete who wished to be considered for the NB Legion team. Standards for the team can be found at:

The New Brunswick Legion Championship Team will be announced on Thursday, July 17th.


Notable Legion-aged performances include:

Julia Leblanc, Saint John, won the Girls 12-13 150m (21.79s), 800m (2:41.58) and Long Jump (3.79m)

Samantha Taylor, Fast Tracks, won the Girls 13-15 100m (12.96s) and 200m (27.29s)

Natasha Vatcher, unattached, won the Girls 14-15 800m (2:24.55) and 2000m (6:47.47)

Victoria Leblanc, Saint John, won the Girls 16-17 200m (27.22s), 300m Hurdles (48.41s) and Long Jump (5.28m) 

Laura Dickinson, ASEA, won the Girls 13-15 1200m (3:50.27) and 1500m Steeplechase (5:12.11)

Luisa Schwarz, Fredericton Legion, won the Girls 16-17 1500m (4:48.07) and 3000m (10:31.88)

Maika Martin, unattached, won the Girls 16-17 100m (13.15s) and High Jump (1.45m)

Ariane Levesque, P.A.J.S., won the Girls 12-13 Shot Put 3kg (8.89m) and Discus 750g (22.29m)

Sara Eve Noel, Chaleur, won the Girls 15-16 Hammer Throw (39.75m) and Discus 1kg (36.58m)


Jake Wightman, George Street Middle School, won the Boys 12-13 80m (11.78s) and 150m (21.69s)

Mickyle Welsh, ASEA, won the Boys 13-15 100m (12.04s), 200m (24.33s), and 300m (38.45s).

Andrew Leblanc, Fast Tracks, won the Boys 16-17 800m (1:59.69) and 1500m (4:12.70)

Renaud Beaudin, Peninsule Acadie, won the Boys 13-15 800m (2:13.91) and 1200m (3:35.30)

Travis Steeves, ASEA, won the Boys 14-15 100m Hurdles (18.09s) and 200m Hurdles (28.95s)

Sebastien Leblanc, ASEA, won the Boys 16-17 110m Hurdles (17.00) and 300m Hurdles (44.18s)

Walker Campbell, unattached, won the Boys 14-15 Shot Put 4kg (12.77m) and Discus 1kg (37.42m)

Jack Berkshire, Fast Tracks, won the Boys 16-17 200m (23.63s) and 400m (50.56s)


Notable Open category performances include:

Sydney Macdonald of ASEA broke a 33 year old provincial record in the Women 18-19 Heptathlon, winning the event with 4146 points.

Elizabeth MacDonald of Fredericton broke her own provincial record in the Senior Women's Hammer throw with a throw of 54.85m.

Livia Clarke, Fast Tracks, won the Women’s 18-99 100m (12.81s) and 200m (27.02s)

Clare McGrath, Carleton-York, won the Girls 18-19 400m (1:02.12) and 800m (2:22.95)

Monika LeBlanc, ASEA, won the Women’s 18-19 Long Jump (4.78m) and Triple Jump (9.85m)

Isabelle Morris, unattached, won the Women 18-19 Shot Put 4kg (9.02m) and Discus 1kg (20.60m)

David Jefferson of SJTC established the M70 Weight Throw provincial record with a throw of 11.30m.


The meet finished off with a friendly 2x100m relay. A total of ten teams of two consisting of a mix in age categories and genders participated in what was a great way to finish of an even greater week-end.

Full meet results can be found here:

Jul 14 2014 - Atlantic Championships - Transportation & Accommodation

ANB is pleased to announce that it has arranged transportaiton and accomodation to the Atlantic Championships.


In order to facilitate a larger contingent of ANB members at this years Atlantic Championships.  ANB will be arranging travel and accommodations for those who want to travel as a group.  This is a FIRST REGISTERED FIRST RESERVED event with a capacity of 47!


Cost: $200 - includes bus transportation to and from the event as well as 2 nights accommodation at the Saint Mary’s Residence as well as buffet breakfast on both days.  Deadline is when the bus is full or July 28th, 2014 @ 11:59pm.


Cost is the same for all athletes, coaches, and parents. Registration MUST be done online via trackiereg.  Your seat on the bus is not secured until you have registered and paid online.  We only have 47 seats available!  Anyone can come but please note  if your child requires constant supervision we ask that a parent please join us for the trip.


Note: This cost does not include event costs $20 for up to 5 events.  Athletes are still responsible for registering for their events:


Friday August 1st - 1:00pm Depart Saint John from Tim Horton’s (199 Hilyard St.)

        - 3:00pm Depart Moncton from Colliseum (377 Killam Dr.)

        - 6:30pm Arrive at  Saint Mary’s Residence

        - Those attending are encouraged bring food and snacks but a trip to a dinner spot will be arranged. 


Saturday August 2nd - Competition

- Shuttles will be arranged to and from the track


Sunday August 3rd - Competition

- Everyone will check out in the morning, remain at the track,

and return home at the conclusion of the meet.

- Athletes will call and text upon route.

- End locations are the same as the start.


Register online at trackiereg under “ANB Atlantic - Bus and Accommodation”


For questions please contact:

Jason Reindl

(506) 343-2149

Jul 10 2014 - 2014 Legion Provincial Champs & Open Meet

This weekend, Moncton Stadium will play host to the New Brunswick Legion Championships where over 170 athletes of all ages from across the province will compete.

Midget and Youth athletes will be competing for spots on Team New Brunswick for the Canadian Legion Youth Track and Field Championships 2014, set to take place in Langley, British Columbia, from August 15th - 17th. More information about team selection, including standards, can be found here:

As well, there will be one special guest competing in the 100m.

- Jared Connaughton of PEI will be competing in the 100m. Connaughton is a two time Olympian and multiple time World Championships team member. With a personal best of 10.15, he will be the expected winner of the 100m.


Here are some of our up and coming and elite New Brunswick athletes who’s events you don’t want to miss!

- Rising sprinter Cameron Levesque of Drummond will be competing in the 100m and 200m. 

- Matt McLaughlin of Fredericton will be competing in the 200m and 400m. With several times under 50 seconds in the 400m this year, it should be an exciting event. He will face off against Alexander Williston of Bay du Vin and Brandon LeBlanc of Riverview in the 200m, and against Jack Berkshire of Fredericton, Samuel Guitard of Petit Rocher and Mike Whitcomb of Saint John in the 400m.

- Daniel Brown of Saint John will face against Andrew LeBlanc of Fredericton and Samuel Guitard in the 800m.

- Luiza Schwarz of Fredericton Legtion Track club will be competing in the youth female 1500m and 3000m.

- New Brunswick’s best senior female hammer throwers Naomie Maltais of Val d’Amour and Elizabeth MacDonald of Oromocto will be facing off in the circle.

- Christel Robichaud of Moncton will be throwing in the para shot put and discus throw. Robichaud holds multiple provincial records, earned a few medals at the National Championships, and will be representing Canada in less than a month at the 2014 IWAS World Junior Games in Mandeville, GB on August 4 – 7.

- Other wheelchair athletes will be featured in some of the track events.

Team New-Brunswick for the 2014 Canadian Francophone Games will also be bringing the whole team to compete at this Championships. This is the team’s first and only competition before the Games on July 23 – 27 in Gatineau, QC.

For more information on these Championships, go to the following link. (The final schedule will be posted there.)

Jul 10 2014 - Robichaud To Represent Canada in GB!

Athletics New-Brunswick would like to congratulate Christel Robichaud of Moncton who has just been selected to represent Canada at the 2014 IWAS World Junior Games taking place in Stoke Mandeville, GB this August 4 - 7! Christel is New-Brunswick’s first ever athlete to be selected for these Games.

The Moncton thrower is on a roll this summer. Not only did she establish provincial records in her events, she also won two medals at the National Championships in Moncton.

The ASEA club athlete will be competing in the Under 23 discus, shot put and javelin in the F56 class.

Robicohaud is one of the five athletes who were selected to the team. Her teammates include Braden Close of Saskatchewan, Isaiah Christophe of Ontario, Ryan Shay of Nova-Scotia and Jessye Brockway of British-Columbia.

Congratulations Christel and best of luck in Great Britain!

Jul 7 2014 - Hershey Maritime Championship Recap

This past weekend, New Brunswick hosted the Hershey Maritime Championships in Moncton. It was the last ever Hershey event to be hosted in New Brunswick; after 37 years the Hershey Track and Field Program has been discontinued. The Maritime meet featured athletes from New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia. The meet was originally schedule for Saturday, July 5th in Saint John but unfortunately due to hurricane weather conditions it was postponed to Sunday, July 6th in Moncton. The top times and distances from the Maritime Meet will be compared to results from Newfoundland and the New England states, with the best athletes moving on to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the North American Final.

Double event winners include:


Carys Jacobson, from New Brunswick, won the Girls 9-10 50m (8.19s) and 100m (15.64s).

Cate McPhee, from Nova Scotia, won the Girls 11-12 100m (14.33s) and 200m (30.06s).


Kwame Franklin-Smith, unattached, won the Boys 9-10 100m (14.44s) and 200m (32.11s).

Malcolm Christie, from New Brunswick, won the Boys 11-12 100m (13.81s) and 200m (29.78s).

Cameron Levesque, unattached, won the Boys 13-14 100m (12.62s) and 200m (25.50s).


Full results from the meet can be found here:

Jul 7 2014 - NB at Canadian Juniors

16 New Brunswick athletes attended the 2014 Canadian Junior Championships. This past weekend in Sainte-Thérèse, QC 


Alexander Williston finished 27th overall in the Men’s 100m Semi-Finals with a time of 11.46s. He did not advanced to the Finals. Williston also finished 19th overall in the 200m semi-finals in a time of 23.24s.


Jacob Hayes finished 5th in the Men’s 100m Qualifier, to advance to the Semi0Finals where he finished 24th overall in 11.40s.


Anthony Cormier finished 2nd in his Qualifier heat and 12th overall in the 400m, with a time of 52.54s. Anthony also raced the 400m Hurdles Semi-Finals where he finished 6th in his heat and 16th overall in 59.27s. His final event was the triple jump, where he placed in 12th with a jump of 12.71m.


Pierre Dumouchel raced three times in the first two days. He finished 1st in his Qualifier heat of the Men’s 800m (1:57.49.) to advance to the Semi-Finals where he finished 4th in his heat and 9th overall. His Semi-Final time was 1:56.74s. Pierre finished 8th in his Men’s 1500m Semi-Finals heat and 21st overall, his time was 4:07.04.


Paul Tremblay finished 20th overall in the 5000m in a time of 17:52.97. He also raced the 3000m Steeplechase, where he finished 18th in 11:11.12.


Angus Macintosh finished 12th in the 3000m Steeplechase with a time of 9:57.59.


Brandon Cleghorn rounded out the Men’s side performance with a 6th place finish in the Men’s long jump final with a jump of 6.52m.  He also finished 15th in the high jump with a jump of 1.84m.


On the female side, Hailee Cook finished 9th in the Women’s Triple Jump Qualifier with a jump of 9.82m.


Monika Leblanc had a busy few days. She finished 10th in the Triple Jump Qualifier with a jump of 9.46m. Monika finished 11th in the Long Jump Qualifier with a jump of 4.54m. In the Women’s 200m Qualifier, Monika finished 20th overall with a time of 29.07s.


Tess McDonald finished 5th in the Triple Jump Qualifier with a jump of 10.65m.


Victoria Leblanc finished 13th in the Women’s Long Jump Finals with a jump of 5.32m.


Katie Robinson finished 5th in the 2000m Steeplechase in 7:09.28. She finished 7th in the 800m Qualifier to advanced to the 800m Semi-Finals. Katie finished 26th overall with her Semi-Final time of 2:24.08.


Luisa Schwarz finished 10th in the 3000m Finals with a time of 10:01.17.  Luisa also raced in the 1500m Finals, where she finished 11th in a time of 4:41.19.

Clare McGrath finished 11th in the 800m Qualifier in a time of 2:21.73. Clare finished 8th in her Semi-Final heat of the Women’s 1500m and 25th overall with a time of 4:43.64

Jul 3 2014 - Athletics Canada Alumni!

Hello Athletics Canada Alumni!

I have been asked to help re-connect with our large Athletics Alumni family at the Club, Provincial or National Team level.  

Your past and current involvement is what makes our sport so rich in its history and so fertile in its legacy. We are all members of the same great family in a global sport dating back to the ancient Greek times, with our own national association dating back to the early 1900s.

Whether you reached the pinnacle of the sport as an international medallist, or maintained club roots and are still involved as a masters athlete; whether you coached at an elite level, or worked tirelessly as a volunteer at the grassroots and development levels; whether you gave countless hours as an official or continued in the sport from your youth as a parent, volunteer, club, provincial or national board member we want to hear from you.

Please register as a member of our greater Athletics Canada Alumni at or

  *If  you wish to identify over many decades, and as an Athlete, Coach, Official, Club or Branch Board Member etc,  for now please just go in multiple times to register in multi-categories, (each time only takes a minute)  until the site gets further refined. This way we can make sure you are connected  and identified with each group and category.  

Have a question? Contact  me at


Jul 3 2014 - NB Ready to Shine at 2014 Canadian Junior Championships

Athletics New Brunswick will be very well represented at the 2014 Canadian Junior Championships. This years' Championships will be held in Sainte-Thérèse, QC on July 4th to July 6h.


15 athletes will be represeting New Brunswick 

8 young women will compete:

Hailee Cook of Miramichi; Triple Jump

Most recently, Hailee competed in the NB Championships held in Saint John on June 21st. She finished 3rd in the long jump and triple jump. Last month, Hailee competed for her high school, James M Hill, at the NBIAA Championships held in Rexton. Hailee won the Senior Girls (Grade 11&12) triple jump and got silver in discuss.  Last year, Hailee was a member of the NB Canada Summer Games team and competed at the CDN Juniors. At the 2013 competition, She finished 4th in the Women’s Long Jump Qualification with a jump of 4.98m, Hailee also finished 14th in High Jump with a height of 1.50m.

Monika Leblanc of Dieppe; Triple Jump, Long Jump, 200m

Monika competed in Moncton last week at the Canadian Track and Field Championships; she placed 11th in the long jump qualifier with a distance of 4.59m, and 11th in the triple jump final with a distance of 9.96m. She was a member of the NB Canada Summer Games last summer and competed at the CDN Juniors. At last year’s competition, she finished 7th in long jump with a jump of 4.62m. Monika LeBlanc also finished 6th in the Triple Jump qualifying round with a jump of 9.41m.

Tess McDonald of Fredericton; Triple Jump

This past weekend, Tess jumped to a new personal best at the Canadian Track and Field Championships in Moncton. Tess placed 10th in the triple jump final with a distance of 11.08m. Tess was a member of the New Brunswick contingency at the 2013 Canada Summer Games, where she represented NB in the triple jump.

Victoria Leblanc of Saint John; Long Jump, 400m Hurdles

Victoria travelled to Sherbrooke, Quebec in June and competed at the Ian Hume Meet. She set a new provincial record in the Youth Girls 100m Hurdles, finishing first in a time of 15.81s. She also set a new provincial record in the 300m Hurdles, finishing second in a time of 45.83s. Victoria won the long jump with a jump of 5.46m. At the NBIAA Provincials, Victoria took home three gold medals in the 100m hurdles, 400m hurdles and long jump.  At last year’s CDN Juniors, Victoria finished 14th in the 400m hurdles semi-finals and 6th in the Women’s Long Jump Qualification. Victoria was a member of the 2013 NB Legion Team.   

Katie Robinson of Saint John; 2000m Steeplechase, 800m

At last month’s Ian Hume meet in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Katie finished 2nd in the open 3000m SC with a time of 11:16.34. Katie captured bronze at the CDN Juniors last year in the 2000m SC with a time of 7:05.83. She also finished 12th in the 800m semi-finals. Katie was a member of the NB Canada Summer Games team last summer.

Luisa Schwarz of Fredericton; 1500m, 3000m

Most recently, Luisa competed at the Canadian Track and Field Championships 1500m Invitation. She won the Youth 1500m event with a time of 4:41.29 Last year, Luisa was a member of the NB Legion Championship, where she won the U18 3000m and 2nd in the 1500m national title.

Clare McGrath of Woodstock; 800m, 1500m

Clare recently won both the Senior Girls’ 800m (2:21.68) and the 1500m (4:52.33) at the NBIAA championships.

Taylor Dunn of New Maryland; 800m, 1500m

In the Youth 1500m featured at the Canadian Track and Field Championships on June 28th,  Taylor finished 6th with a time of 4:56.07. Last year, Taylor was a member of the NB Legion Championship Team.  At last year’s CDN Juniors, Taylor ran a personal best time in the Women’s 1500m to finish 17th in the prelims with a time of 4:45.79

They will be join by 7 male athletes :


Alexander Williston of Bay du Vin; 100m, 200m

Alexander recently competed at the Canadian Track and Field Championships held in Moncton, June 27-29th. He finished 15th in the 200m Qualifier. He competed at last year’s CDN Juniors, where he finished 18th in the Semi-Finals round. Alexander was a member of the NB 2013 Canada Summer Games team, where he competed in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m. 

Jacob Hayes of Quispamsis; 100m, 200m

At the Canadian Track and Field Championships in Moncton, Jacob finished 17th in the 100m Qualifier with a time of 11.36s. Jacob was a member of the relay teams at the Canada Summer Games for New Brunswick.

Anthony Cormier of Saint John; 400m, 400m Hurdles, Triple Jump

Anthony travelled with a large group of New Brunswick athletes last month to Sherbrooke, Quebec for the Ian Hume meet. He placed 3rd in the youth boy's 300m hurdles with a time of 41.32, 14th in the 400m with a time of 52.54, and second in the triple jump with a distance of 13.26m. Earlier in June, he School won two gold medals at NBIAA Provincials in the Senior Boys’ 400m hurdles (58.86) and the triple jump (12.23m). Cormier also won a silver medal in the 400m dash (52.55). At last year’s CDN Juniors, Anthony ran a personal best time in the 400m hurdle of 58.92 to finish 16th in the semi-finals

Pierre Dumouchel of Siant John;  800m, 1500m

Pierre placed 13th in the open 800m at the Ian Hume meet in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Pierre competed at the CDN Juniors in 2013 where he ran a personal best time of 4:07.73 in the qualifying round of the Men’s 1500m. Pierre also ran a personal best in the 800m semi-finals to finish 18th in a time of 1:58.03.

Paul Tremblay of Saint John ; 3000m SC, 5000m

Paul attended the CDN Juniors last year, he ran a time of 10:02.39 to finish 15th in the 3000m SC.

Angus Macintosh of Riverview; 3000m SC

Angus competed at the Ian Hume meet in Sherbrooke, Quebec where he finished 5th in a time of 10:13.32. Angus was a member of the 2013 NB Legion Team.

Brandon Cleghorn of Salsbury; Long Jump, High jump

Brandon was a member of the New Brunswick 2013 Canada Summer Games team; he competed in long jump at the Games. At last year’s CDN Juniors, Brandon finished 15th in the Long Jump competition with a jump of 5.85m. He also ran in the qualifying round of the 100m with a time of 12.00 but failed to qualify for the semi-finals. He recently jumped a pb of 1m95 in the high jump ranking him 10th in Canada

"We have a great group epresenting our province once again this year ' said Gabriel LeBlanc Technical Director of Athletics New Brunswick. "Many have the capacity to finish in the top 8 and I would not be surprise if they come home with a few medals.''added LeBlanc

For more information on this event, check out the official Championships' Website:

You can follow these young womens' results LIVE at this link:

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