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Aug 30 2016 - 2 Throws meet this fall

Athletics New Brunswick is happy to announce that it will again be holding two throws meets this September, the ANB Fall Throws Spectacular and Throwsapooloza 4.


Saint John will be holding the Fall Throws Spectacular at the University of New Brunswick Saint John’s throws field on Sunday September 11th.


Just under two weeks later on Saturday September 24th the Université de Moncton Upper field will serve as host for the fourth installment of ANB’s THROWSAPOOLOZA event. The Throwsapooloza is always a good, lighthearted yet competitive time that is attended by throwers and wannabe-throwers alike.


Events for both meets will get underway at 11:30am with the para throws and move into a throws pentathlon starting at 12:45pm with hammer throw, followed by shot put at 1:30pm, discus at 2:15pm, javelin at 3:00pm and finally the weight throw at 3:45pm.


These meet are hotbeds for excitement and we have seen provincial records fall in the past. These meets serve as the final opportunities of the season for athletes to compete in their outdoor disciplines and for athletes moving up an age category one last chance to set a personal best or a provincial record. ANB would like to let all athletes and individuals know that they are welcome to attend and participate in these events and give the throwing events a try. In the past ANB has seen athletes from many of the disciplines around track and field give throwing a try at these events, resulting in laughs, excitement, astonishment, and a new appreciation for the throwing events.


The early registration date for the ANB Fall Throws Spectacular are underway now until September 9th, and can be done online at Fees during the early registration period are $10/event or $30 for the throws pentathlon. The late registration period takes place after September 9th and must be done through email, by emailing Fees during the late registration period are $15/event or $45 for the throws pentathlon.


The early registration date for Throwsapooloza 4 are underway now until September 20th, and can be done online at Fees during the early registration period are $10/event or $30 for the throws pentathlon. The late registration period takes place after September 20th and must be done through email, by emailing Fees during the late registration period are $15/event or $45 for the throws pentathlon. 

Aug 29 2016 - Shayne Dobson is Ready for Rio

By Alex Cyr

On the morning of September 11th, Shayne Dobson will be standing on a track in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, sizing himself up against the fastest Paralympians on the planet.


Competing under the T37 classification, which is reserved for athletes with Cerebral Palsy, Dobson will battle with more athletes of his calibre for the title of Paralympic 1500 meter champion. Originally from Campbellton, NB, the alumnus of Université de Moncton’s cross-country program is a well-known presence within the realm of athletics in the province of New Brunswick. Dobson, a first-time Paralympian, has been fine-tuning his fitness in the city of Moncton under the tutelage of coaches Jean-Marc Doiron and Steve LeBlanc. According to Doiron, who is also the head coach of the cross-country program at Université de Moncton, Shayne is a role model for many people. Aside from being very motivated to push workouts, he is equally motivated when it comes to perfecting his dietary and sleep habits. He never loses focus of his goals.

Doiron states, “Shayne has two great qualities that I especially admire. The first is his ability to perform under pressure, as he seems to be at his best when the stakes are high. That composure also shines through in tough times. The second thing I admire about him is his way of transforming low points in his athletic career to opportunities for growth.” The 2016 Paralympics will undoubtedly serve as a chance to capitalize on this growth, as Shayne’s personal best time of 4:21.10 places him 5th in the field.

 I recently caught up with Shayne to talk about this impending challenge.

You have been granted the opportunity to represent your country on the Olympic stage for the first time. How is your mindset leading into this competition?

"I feel I'm doing everything possible to maximize my preparation for my race in Rio. I'm currently attending a 3-week high-altitude training camp in Park City, Utah. Come race day, I will just have to trust my training and compete to the best of my ability."


Although a first-time Paralympian, you are no stranger to international competition. You are coming off a fourth-place finish in the 1500m at the 2015 Athletics World Championship in Qatar. How will your encounters with the world’s best in track and field influence your game plan in Rio?

"I've learned some important lessons from past years. The first is that races don't always play out the way you think they will. The second thing I've learned is that I should always race according to my strengths."


In the last few years, you have made the transition from a competitive university runner to Paralympian. Since your days as a varsity runner, what aspects of your training did you change or improve in order to reach new heights?

"I'd have to say the area I've improved the most in is consistency. Also, I have worked a lot on improving my running stride. These two factors have allowed me to log more miles and become a stronger runner."


As we know, an athlete of your calibre needs to spend many hours training and travelling. Receiving financial assistance from a sponsor is instrumental in supporting this lifestyle. Have you actively been seeking sponsors to help you in your endeavours?

"I'm planning on actively seeking sponsors after the Rio games. I believe I can reach a new level of performance by doing more training camps like this one in Park City."


He will be an athlete to watch on team Canada. His next challenge - the greatest one of all in the world of athletics.  

Best of luck in your journey to Rio. Athletics New Brunswick will be watching and cheering loud!!

Aug 25 2016 - Saint John Canada Games Foundation

Hello fellow athletes and coaches,

A quick reminder that the Saint John Canada Games Foundation application date is quickly approaching. The fall date is the first Monday of September which this year is the 5th.  The online application is quite easy to complete and takes only a few minutes.

The purpose of the Foundation is to support athlete training so that they are able to pursue excellence in sport. Athletes must have the potential to be among the best in Canada, have demonstrated dedication to their sport, have special needs not covered through regular program funding, and must not be subsidized by national programs (i.e. hold a national card)

Application link:

Only one application is accepted per year so if you, your athletes, or someone in your club applied in the spring you can NOT apply at this time and must wait until the spring (March) to apply again.

Aug 18 2016 - The Future of elite healthcare in track and field by Dr. Erik Klein

This week we are reveling in the best that track and field has to offer in Rio.  These performances are a mere moment in time, the proverbial tip of the iceberg of many years of complex training.  Training strategies are moving forward to break down the barriers between the athlete, coach, and therapist.

In May of this year, I had the opportunity to attend the Performance Therapy Program at Altis in Phoenix Arizona.  This is the world renowned program created by the throwing giant John Godine, and further developed by legendary coach Dan Pfaff and his protégé Stuart MacMillan.   Elite track athletes are abandoning their sponsored national programs and paying to move to Phoenix to train because of the system that is in place.  Olympic 100m bronze medallist Andre deGrasse and 2012 London Olympic long jump champ Greg Rutherford are prime examples.  The therapy program is run by legendary sport chiropractor Dr. Gerry Ramogida who has been able to marry functional models of care and athletic performance directly with coaches in track and football. 

Dan Pfaff, early on, saw the necessity to integrate therapy track side to not just treat injuries, but to improve the function and movement of the athlete.  Therapists, who include chiropractors, physiotherapists, and athletic trainers will intimately get to know athletes and are able to make minute small changes within the training cycle, literally in between repetitions.  All of this, of course, is within the program of the coach and dependent on the time of the year.  As we were told, many athletes can barely be touched within a week of competition, while Donovan Bailey could be adjusted within an hour of a race and would excel in that environment.  The key point here is that knowing your athletes is essential and developing a plan in concert with the coach is imperative. 

After class sessions in theory we were provided with Olympic and Olympic caliber athletes where we observed movements, identified issues, made changes on the table, and retested the same movement on the track. 

Wicked awesome story:  In one of these exercises, an African Olympic hopeful had been running above standard, complaining of left sided hip and leg pain.  My assessment indicated that there were problems with the RIGHT side with improper hip rotation, psoas (hip flexion) activation, and midfoot joint restriction. While addressing these with manual muscle and joint strategies (we had 5-8 minutes) pain returned to the left side.  Seeing the direct link, I palliatively brought the left side under control and sent the athlete back out.  The right hip rotators were stable, and there was no pain on the left side.  One week later, she broke her national record in the 100m, and went under standard.  She made it past the first round at the Rio Olympic Games.  Her dreams had come true.  On facebook she told me that her pain never exceeded 20% of what it had been. 

I returned to Saint John, and through the summer, myself, and one of New Brunswick’s top sports massage therapists Josh Fry spent time at the track, implementing what concepts we could from my Altis experience.  There clearly are restrictions and it will take a number of seasons to fine tune what could be a huge benefit for the athletes.  We rely on volunteer hours of our participating clinicians, support from coaches, understanding from the athletes themselves, and trust from the parents.  There are legal (confidentiality) barriers to overcome but we’re getting there.  Even with the first go around, we picked up on many issues that affect performance and we certainly saw the benefits of our interventions, which luckily were usually on the simple side.  Sometimes knowing to do nothing is a winning strategy.

Track and Field is on the upswing in New Brunswick with phenomenal athletes like Gen Lalonde making Olympic finals and UNB track and UdeM making huge strides each season.  If we’re going to ask our top athletes for their best, we as a track community have to be willing and prepared to give them our best.  The results will speak volumes. 

I wish to acknowledge and thank the board of the Saint John track club for the financial support of this endeavor.  If any coaches, therapists, or trackie parents are interested in seeing some of the video of what we did, or to gain further insight on the program please feel free to email me at  

Aug 17 2016 - Lalonde Makes Canadian Running History Again

Olympian Genevieve Lalonde of Moncton has yet again made her mark in Canadian running history. After competing in the women’s 3000m steeplechase qualifier on Saturday, she not only broke her own Canadian record with a time of 9:30.24 but also finished 4th in her heat which qualified her for the finals.

On Monday, Lalonde made history again by being the first Canadian woman to compete in the Olympic women’s 3000m steeplechase final.  Competing against the fastest female steeplechase runners in the world, she finished 16th with a time of 9:41.88 to conclude a fantastic race in her first Olympic experience.

“Gen’s performance at the games was exceptional and I think it is fair to say this is not the last time we will see Gen making history on the international stage. We are very proud of her and very lucky to have such an outstanding role model for all our New Brunswick athletes,” said Gabe Leblanc, Technical Director of ANB.

Lalonde went to social media to comment on her race and Olympic experience: “Merci à tous les gens qui on été la pour moi pendant ce chemin et surtout joyeuse Quinze Août!!
Thank you so much to everyone. This has been a dream come true. Being at the Olympics is one thing but getting two chances to race against the best, is just that much better. I am overjoyed by the amount of people that have taken the time to help me along this journey, support me day in and day out and watch me do my favourite thing in the world. I look forward to what is to come, but for now I am going to go spend some time with the ones that I love and enjoy being at The Olympic Games!”

Congratulations Genevieve and we look forward to seeing you at the next Olympics! 

Aug 16 2016 - Eastern U22 pictures Jim Neale

Hello all athletes, 

Jim Neale the photograph was present at the Estern U22 Championships taking amazing photos!

Anyone who would like a finished photo for $12 (i.e. crop, straighten, colour/exposure correct, sharpen, remove watermark, etc.) please send to
- a list of the images they want
- the proportions they want them in (i.e. 5X7, 8X10, as is, etc.)
- payment in the form of e-transfer or cheque sent to home 


Aug 16 2016 - New Brunswickers Compete At Canadian Masters Championships

This past weekend while eyes were on Rio, 3 members of Saint John Track Club travelled to Toronto to compete in the Canadian Masters Track & Field Championships and were successful in capturing multiple national titles. Along the way, 1 provincial records was broken!


- Paul Gautier (M50-54) won his age group's throws pentathlon with a score of 3393, the weight throw with a best of 12.48m, the hammer throw with a best of 39.25m, the javelin with a best of 38m06, and placed 2nd in discus with a best throw of 39.58m. 


- David Blackwood (M65-69) won his age group's pentathlon with a score of 2315, just missing the provincial record by 35 points. David also won the long jump with a best attempt of 3.54m, placed 2nd in the 100m with a time of 16.45, 2nd in the javelin throw with a best of 31.11m, 3rd in the discus throw with a best throw of 22.71m, and 4th in the 200m with a time of 34.65. During the pentathlon, David threw a best of 33.89m in the javelin, a new provincial record in the M65-69 category.


- Imrich Kiraly (M65-69) placed 2nd in his age group's throws pentathlon with a score of 2543. Imrich also won the weight throw with a best of 9.19m, placed 2nd in the hammer throw with a best of 28.15m, and placed 2nd in the discus throw with a best of 29.59m.


"These are great results by our province's best masters athletes," said Gabriel LeBlanc, Technical Director of Athletics New Brunswick. "To capture so many medals and come home with two provincial records is very exciting."


Full Results can be found here:













Aug 14 2016 - Lalonde Makes Olympic Finals

One of New Brunswick's best ever athletes, Genevieve Lalonde, has had an amazing first race at the Olympic Games in Rio. Running in the third heat, Lalonde finished 4th with a time of 9:30.24 to break her own Canadian record and again solidify herself as the nation's best ever steeplechaser and a world class runner. Lalonde's time qualified her for the finals, making her one of the very few New Brunswickers to qualify for an Olympic final.


Teammates Maria Bernard and Erin Teschuk competed in the heats as well, with Bernard finishing 13th in her heat with a time of 9:50.17, and Teschuk finishing 16th in her heat with a time of 9:53.70. Lalonde ran the 14th fastest time in the heats, while Bernard and Teschuk were 42nd and 46th, respectively.


"This result is beyond outstanding for Gen and the province is very proud of her accomplishments so far at the Olympic Games," said Gabriel LeBlanc, Technical Director of Athletics New Brunswick. "We cannot wait to see what Gen has in store for the finals, having already broke a national record in the heats."


A viewing party will take place at Crystal Mountain Party Palace (601 St. George Blvd., Moncton, NB) beginning at 11:00am on Monday, August 15th, with the race beginning at 11:15am. A viewing party had taken place to watch Gen run the heats and had a turnout of approximately 100 individuals!


The full start list can be found here:

By: Brandon Scott LeBlanc

Aug 11 2016 - Shayne Dobson named to the 2016 Paralympic Games

One of New Brunswicks best ever para athletes has been named to Team Canada to compete in the 2016 Paralympic Games, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, September 7th - 18th. Shayne Dobson of Campbellton has been named to compete in the 1500m event.     Shayne, a 24 year old originally from Campbellton, now lives and trains in Moncton after graduating from the Université de Moncton. Shayne competes in the T37 class, a class for cerebral palsy athletes, and holds provincial records in all events ranging between 400m and 5000m, as well as the Canadian record in the 1500m.     A long time distance runner, this will not be his first taste of international experience. Shayne represented Canada at the 2015 IPC World Championships, placing 5th with a then Canadian and North American record time of 4:32.56. Shayne has ran a time of 4:22.59 this year, showing that he is in great shape to contend for a medal.     "This is absolutely great news for both Shayne and the province" said Gabriel LeBlanc, Technical Director of Athletics New Brunswick. "For the province to have track & field athletes competing in both the Olympics and Paralympics is outstanding."   For the full team list, click here:   By: Brandon Scott LeBlanc

Aug 10 2016 - Lalonde Olympic Steeplechase Viewing Party

The Olympic Games are just around the corner, with thousands of athletes participating from across the globe. Among these Olympic hopefuls, is Moncton’s own Geneviève Lalonde!

Join us for a viewing of her race streamed live in Moncton at the Crystal Mountain Party Palace (601 St George Blvd) to cheer her on as she competes with some of the best athletes in the world! The viewing is presented by Today’s Best Music K94.5. There will be no entrance fee and everyone is invited to watch the 3000m Steeplechase viewing at 10:00am. Crystal Mountain’s entertainment centre will be streaming the race on two large projectors screens as well as a 70 inch TV. There will also be snacks available for purchase from the venue. Donations to ANB’s new Athlete Development Sport Program will be accepted to help foster the development of our future Olympians.

Geneviève currently holds the Canadian national record in the 3000m steeplechase with a time of 9:32.17 at the Prefontaine Classic in Oregon. She is also the only track and field athlete from New Brunswick to be named to the Canadian Olympic Team this year.

Aug 7 2016 - Dickinson Leads Team NB with Double Gold at Legions

Team New Brunswick participated in the Canadian Legion Track and Field championships in Saint-Terése / Blainville, Quebec. The Legion Championship serves as the national championships for athletes in the Midget (14-15 years old) and Youth (16-17 years old) age groups.

Strong performances were seen all around by New Brunswick athletes, however there were several standout performances. On Saturday Laura Dickinson finished in the gold medal position in the Youth 3000m with a time of 9:51.82, nearly a second and a half ahead of the next competitor. However, Dickinson was not finished yet. On Sunday Laura came back with another gold medal winning performance in the Youth 2000m steeplechase event with a New Brunswick Youth record setting time of 6:51.87, over ten seconds faster than the silver medal winning time!

Kayla Hughes of Cocagne finished in fourth place in the Youth shot put event on Saturday with a throw of 13.67m with the 3kg shot. This result is a personal best for Kayla, breaking her own New Brunswick provincial record. Hannah Trites of Fredericton ran in the Midget 1200m on Friday, finishing 5th with a time of 3:42.97, also a New Brunswick provincial record.

Craig Thorne of Quispamsis had a pair of strong performances in the 100m hurdles, where he set a new provincial record in qualifying with a time of 15.05, breaking his own provincial record from earlier this summer, and then coming back and breaking the record again in the finals with a time of 14.80. This record setting time was enough for a 6th overall finish in the event.

Other top 10 finishes for the New Brunswick team included Jordan Henri of Moncton with a 8th place finish and a time of 24.11 in the Midget 200m, Lexie Shannon of Fredericton with a 8th place finish and a 10.89m jump in the triple jump, Shelby MacIsaac of Riverview with a 7th place finish and a 1.50m jump in the high jump, Sophie Black of Dieppe with a 10th place finish in the heptathlon with a score of 3990 points, and Jannelle LeBlanc with a 10th place finish in the javelin with a throw of 31.30m.

New Brunswick relays also finished well with a 5th place finish in the women’s midget 4x100m relay with a time of 51.82. This team consisted of Mackenzie Hall, Martine Hache, Shelby MacIsaac, and Caroline Gagnon. The women’s youth 4x100m relay finished in 8th with a time of 50.37. This team consisted of Marie-Pier Cloutier, Samantha Taylor, Véronique Omalosanga, and Abigail Davidson. The women’s 1600m midget medley relay came 6th with a time of 4:52.00, with a team consisting of Mackenzie Hall, Caroline Gagnon, Martine Hache, and Isabella Lemaire. The men’s 1600m midget medly relay came in 5th with a time of 3:57.53. Running for this team were Jérémie Godin, Jordan Henri, Jeremie Cyr, and Mitchell Kean.

Aug 7 2016 - Robichaud, LeBlanc Lead Team New Brunswick Track & Field with Strong Performances at Espoir Championships

This past weekend the Eastern Canadian Espoir Championships were held in Moncton at the Moncton 2010 Stadium. New Brunswick participated with a full contingent of competitors competing in events across the board. The New Brunswick team competed very strongly winning several medals, setting numerous personal and season bests and one provincial record was broken over the weekend.

On the women’s side the team was led by medal winning performances by Christel Robichaud in wheelchair shot put and discus (gold and gold), Tess McDonald in triple jump (silver), Jennifer Bell in shot put (silver), Melissa Pellerin in javelin (silver), Sydney MacDonald in the heptathlon (bronze) and Victoria LeBlanc in the 100m hurdles (bronze). LeBlanc also had strong performances in 400m hurdles and long jump, finishing 4th and 5th in those events respectively.

On the men’s side the team saw a trio medal winning results come in from Jacob LeBlanc in the 100m wheelchair (silver), 200m wheelchair (bronze), and 1500m wheelchair (silver). Jacob also set a NB provincial record in the 1500m wheelchair event recording a time of 4:14.44. New Brunswick also saw several events where more than one of its athletes finished in medal winning positions with Josh Shanks and Brady Graves finishing in the silver and bronze medal positions respectively in the 5000m race, Timothy Brennan and Sébastion LeBlanc finishing silver and bronze in the 400m hurdles, Alain Doucette and Jean-Luc Bastarche finishing on the podium in silver and bronze medal positions in the decathalon. Other medals were won by the New Brunswick men’s team by Liam Turgeon in the shot put (bronze), Raphael Choquette in the javelin throw (bronze), and Nick MacMackin in the 800m (silver). MacMackin also finished 5th in the 1500m race.

Other strong performances were seen from Jack Berkshire in the 200m and 400m sprint with times of 22.57 and 48.97 which were good enough for a 5th place in the 200m and 4th place in the 400m. Christian Godin also performed very well with a 44.73m throw that left him in the 5th place position in the javelin throw and Andrew LeBlanc who finished 6th in both the 400m and 800m with times of 50.52 and 1:55.48. Liam Turgeon who won a medal in the shot put, also competed in the hammer throw finishing 6th with a throw of 42.57m in that event, a personal best for him.

Overall this was a very strong performance for Team New Brunswick at this competition. Athletics New Brunswick technical director said on the performance “It is great to see our athletes competing so well at the end of their season, and seeing our U22 athletes perform this well this summer is great news for our U23 Canada Games team next summer. We are very proud of all of our athletes, and you can expect to see big things from them in the future.”

The Espoir meet serves as a great springboard for the Canada Games track and field meet next summer in Winnipeg, as the same athletes that were eligible to compete for the provincial teams at this summer’s Espoir meet will be eligible for the Canada Summer Games next year. This meet wraps up Athletics New Brunswick’s summer schedule, as the athletes will now begin to focus on cross country and indoor track in field in the coming months.

Full results from the event can be seen at and pictures from the event will be uploaded to for public viewing.

Aug 4 2016 - Moncton host U22 Eastern Espoir Championships this weekend

The U22 Eastern Canadian Espoir Championships are set to take place this Saturday and Sunday, August 6th - 7th, at Moncton Stadium on the Université de Moncton campus. The event will feature over 270 of the best Canada Games-aged athletes from the Eastern Provinces and is sure to be an exciting event for spectators.   The Eastern Canadian Espoir Championships took place each year, except for Canada Games years, but stopped after the 2008 edition. The Championships, now brought back, is a track and field competition between provincial teams representing New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, Quebec, and Ontario, for Canada Games aged athletes. This year's edition is for athletes under the age of 22, meaning that all athletes will still be eligible for next year's Canada Games, an event only for athletes under the age of 23.   The event is also a scored team competition for provincial teams, allowing one team to return home with the trophy as Eastern Espoir Champions. The event will also feature open athletes of any age who will not compete on provincial teams, or for titles or team points.   Events will take place at the Moncton 2010 Stadium on the campus of l'Université de Moncton starting at 1pm on Saturday. Events Saturday will run to 5:30pm .Events will continue on Sunday from 9am to 2pm. There is no cost for spectators.      A full list of Provincial Team Entries can be found here:


A full list of Open Entries can be found here:   Final Schedule of event is available here:   By: Brandon Scott LeBlanc


Aug 3 2016 - NB's best set to compete at Legion Championships

New Brunswick will be once again well represented at the 2016 Royal Canadian Legion Youth Track and Field Championships which will take place August 5th-7th in Ste Therese/Blainville, Quebec.

36 athletes aged 14-17 will represent Team New Brusnwick will be competing against the best athletes in Canada. Among these athletes an incredible 8 hold provincial records. Here are some athletes to watch at this year championship:

Mickyle Welsh, also of Riverview broke the Midget Boys 100m and 200m records at the previous two Legion Championships, medalling in the 100m at last year’s champs. Welsh is now returning to the national stage in hopes of having some great performances.

Laura Dickinson, who is no new face to these championships, holds the 1500m steeplechase and 2000m steeplechase records. Dickinson, of Miramichi broke the 2000m steeple record which also landed her the bronze medal at last year’s champs and will look to improve her performance this year.


Hannah Trites of Fredericton holds the 1200m in both the midget and youth categories, and the 2000m record in the youth category. Trites took home the bronze medal in this event last year in St. Therese and will look to improve this year.


Sophie Black of Dieppe is the record holder in the midget girls pentathlon, which she broke at last year’s Legions. She is now in the Youth category and will look for some great performances.


Craig Thorne of Quispamsis holds the 100m hurdle record and will make his debut at these champs.

Jordan Henri of Riverview who holds the 200m Midget NB Record will be one of the favourites in this event.


‘’This team is among the best we have brought to the National Legion Championships ‘’ said Gabriel LeBlanc technical director of Athletics New Brunswick. ‘’ The Legion program is an incredible stepping stone for our athletes. We thank the Royal Canadian Legion to offer such a great opportunity to athletes all across Canada.’’ Added LeBlanc

You can watch our athletes compete live here :


Aug 3 2016 - Gionet shines in Sherbrooke

Gionet shines in Sherbrooke

Our friends over at Athlétisme Quebec hosted the Quebec Provincial Championships in Sherbrooke, Quebec this past weekend. This event attracted Quebec’s finest athletes but also one of New Brunswick’s best ever thrower.

The Shot put and Discus thrower, Jonathan Gionet of Bathurst, who now trains out of Fredericton, showed up and did not disappoint the crowd at the Université de Sherbrooke Stadium.

Gionet began his weekend Saturday night with a stellar performance and a massive 6th round personal best throw of 15.66 meters in the senior men’s shot put, this throw pushed him in the Gold medal position by over half a meter! This performance is only 10cm off the provincial record of Travis Washburn which was set in 1994, it will be interesting to see how Gionet finishes his season! This performance also pushes Gionet into 9th place on the Senior Mens Canadian Ranking in 2016.

Sunday was another great day for Gionet. A 5th round throw of 44.92 meters gave Gionet a massive personal best and a Silver medal at the event BUT also broke the previous New-Brunswick record by 1.2 meters!

Gionet is slowly solidifying himself as one of New Brunswick’s best ever male throwers in these events!

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2020-03-13 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Government of New Brunswick

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