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Apr 25 2017 - 2017 Legion Coaches

Athletics New Brunswick is pleased to announce that the following coaches will lead team New Brunswick at the 2017 Legion Canadian Youth Track & Field Championships:

 Peter Stuart of Riverview (event coach)

 Sue Ellis-Laparco of Saint John(event coach)

Alex Stuart of Riverview (event coach)

The Royal Canadian Legion Track and Field program is a nationally sanctioned program culminating in a national track & field camp and national championship for Canadian youth between the ages of 14 and 17 in the current year. In 2017 this event will be held in Brandon, MB during the week of August 10-13th.  Athletes wishing to be part of Team NB must compete at the Legion Provincial Championships (July 8-9) to be eligible for selection.

“This is a great staff and I have complete confidence that this will be a great team NB!” - Gabe LeBlanc. 

Apr 19 2017 - ANB Offering Summer Student Positions

Athletics New Brunswick is currently seeking applications from interested students for several summer employment positions including Run Jump Throw Wheel Coordinators and an Assistant to the Executive Director. The successful candidates will be expected to travel to track and field meets, organize/deliver programs and coordinate with various groups.

We are currently accepting applications for the following Federal Government assisted positions:

·         RJTW Coordinator – Fredericton Area

·         RJTW Coordinator – Bathurst Area

·         RJTW Coordinator – Saint John Area

·         Assistant to the Executive Director – Dieppe Area

Duties and requirements for these positions include the following:

·         Ability to work evening and weekends to meet the needs of track meets and events

·         Able to travel to the club facility and local area track meets as required

·         Assist in the delivery and administration of RJTW instructor training sessions

·         Coordinate volunteers and schedules at several events as required

·         Administer the Run Jump Throw Wheel program at the local club

·         Good knowledge of the sport of Track & Field

·         Bilingualism would be an asset

·         Other related duties as required

Potential Candidates: need to be 16 years or older and returning to studies in the fall. 

This position is ideal for individuals who are proactive and able to work independently and in a group. Their contribution is key to the continued expansion of Track and Field throughout New Brunswick.

Positions are roughly 8 weeks in duration, 35 hours per week position paying $12.00 an hour. These positions are funded via Service Canada and will begin late April to Early May. Applicants are asked to forward their resume to by Thurdsay, May 4, 2017. Please clearly indicate which position (area) you are interested in.

For students who have applied for, and been accepted into the SEED Program:

ANB has several RJTW Coordinator Positions (Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, Kennebecasis Valley, Miramichi and Bathurst) available as well as another Assistant to the Executive Director position. Please visit the SEED Job Bank to apply for these positions. If you have any questions, please contact for clarification.

Apr 18 2017 - Athletics New Brunswick is currently accepting resumes for the position of High Performance Coach

Athletics New Brunswick (ANB), a provincial sport organization, is currently accepting resumes for the position of High Performance Coach . This position is a full time salary position and is located at the University of New Brunswick- Saint John Campus in Saint John, N.B. with responsibilities to serve high-performance athlete across the province and lead the UNB Varsity Red’s Track and Field and Cross Country programs.

This is a position that requires a responsible, energetic individual capable of working independently and as part of a team. Being bilingual will be considered an advantage.

Application Deadline:  Tuesday May 16, 2017

Please send your resume and cover letter to Bill MacMackin via email at c Salary will be commensurate with education and experience.

Athletics New Brunswick thanks, all applicants for their interest.  Only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Full description available here:

Apr 12 2017 - Coaching Better Every Season

Keeping last month’s book theme going comes a sure-fire, must read for any coach. Coaching Better Every Season by Dr. Wade Gilbert (2017) provides a year-round system for athlete development and program success.

The book is broken down into four parts – Preseason (Envision), In-Season (Enact), and End of Season (Evaluate), and Off-Season (Enhance) which guide the reader through the book and provide a link to the regular coaching schedule/process. Through each of these time periods coaches are provided with real world, practical examples used by legendary coaches, past and present.

As the indoor track and field season has recently came to a close with the end of season bringing a period of evaluation for programs utilized. It is also important to remember that a period of time away from the track, pit, circle, or mat and coaching should be part of the plan.  This period away will allow the coaching battery (mental, physical, and emotional) to recharge as the busy summer season approaches. This short period of time is not an extended off season where we have weeks or months to evaluate, analyze, reflect, and plan how to enhance and envision athlete development. This two to six weeks should narrow in on focused evaluations and reflection that bridge the two seasons, reflecting on what was learned, and coming up with a few performance enhancement strategies for the outdoor season that are deemed effective and appropriate for the athlete/group (i.e. Long Term Athlete Development considerations).

When analyzing the indoor track and field season at the individual level it is easy to use objective criteria – medals, records, and personal bests. If the athlete is happy, healthy, and improving then it is hard to say that the season was not a success. However, at the group level while the same measures can be used to determine if the general physical development programs were effective subjective areas surrounding group dynamics should also be examined. How was the culture of the group? Was the group excited to come to practice and complete all requirements laid out for them? Is the group environment one where athletes communicate positively, openly, and honestly?  Do they share the journey with one another where the athletes congratulate one another on completing a hard workout and support one another when they just can’t finish that hard work out?  How about analyzing the coaching process? Did you arrive to practice with enough time to set up what was needed for the practice and monitor the warm up effectively? Were your instructions clear and accurate? Were you positive, motivating, and building life and sport confidence in your athletes? Evaluation should not focus on just the athlete. Self-analysis and reflection are an integral part of becoming a better coach as the book shares.

This book is a must have for any coach. It cannot be stressed enough how beneficial it can be in terms of highlighting the multifaceted nature of coaching. The topics, examples, templates, and guides are hugely beneficial for any coach. While the X’s and O’s are commonly focused on by coaches and courses there is so much behind the athlete, the coach, the program, and the culture that determines success. I would highly recommend this book for all coaches.

Additionally, Dr. Gilbert operates a Facebook page where he posts stories, videos, and examples of coaches and programs who display positive practical coaching that you can learn from.

This article is the sixth of a monthly segment called Coaching Connection. 

Apr 10 2017 - Volunteer at Jeux de la Francophonie Canadienne

Attention all officials, volunteers, and others interested in helping. The 2017 Francophone Games will be this July 11 to 15 at the 2010 Moncton Stadium and we need your help with the Track and Field section that will be from July 12 to 15.

All officials and volunteers will be rewarded with food, beverages, and the opportunity to stay on the competition site at the University of Moncton Residence. Knowing or speaking French I not a requirement; however if so, you will be paired with someone who does.

We need a great number of officials and volunteers to fill the many positions available during the competition (no experience required for volunteers). The way the event schedule has been created makes so that any one task during the entire competition does not last longer than 4 hours. 

Because of the scale of the Francophone Games, you must first send an email to to inform of your interest of involvement and then register to

We appreciate all your help and are looking forward to seeing you there.

Apr 6 2017 - 12 Challenges 2017

Athletics New Brunswick is excited to announce that it's ever popular 12 Challenges program will be returning for 2017!

The program will feature locations in Dieppe, Shediac, Moncton, Rothesay, Miramichi and Fredericton. The 12 Challenges is designed for athletes ages 5-12 to get them acquainted with track and field in a non-competitive environment. Over the course of the program, athletes will experience 12 different track and field related skills/events to help them improve on their current skills and develop their physical literacy. Instructors at each location are trained Run Jump Throw Wheel instructors and include some of the province's finest track and field athletes (including past and present provincial team members).

"The 12 Challenges serves as a perfect introductory program for the sport of track and field. We always look forward to offering this program and we hope to reach as many athletes as possible with the 12 Challenges" said Gabriel LeBlanc, Executive Director of Athletics New Brunswick.

Interested participants are asked to sign up as soon as possible as there are limited spaces.

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of the program, spots do fill up quick, so register early and avoid disappointment. Please note the registration deadline for each location by clicking the links below.

To register for the Dieppe location, visit:

To register for the Shediac location, visit: 

To register for the Moncton location, visit:  

To register for the Rothesay location, visit:

To register for the Miramichi location, visit:

The 12 Challenges program has been ongoing since 2009 and has reached over 3000 kids so far, with many young children continuing the sport for many years after.   

More information can be found at:

Apr 5 2017 - Throw for Dave” Raises Funds and Breaks Records

The Stade Vance-Toner in the CEPS at the Université de Moncton was the location for Athletics New Brunswick’s “Throw for Dave” meet this past weekend.  The event was hosted as a fundraiser to help out Dave Jefferson, long time ANB official and masters athlete, who recently lost everything in an apartment fire.  The event raised over $1000 to help Dave out, and an on-line auction is also being run to contribute to the cause.


Executive Director of ANB, Gabriel LeBlanc, was very happy to see so many people out to support this great cause.  “Dave has done a lot for our organization over the years as one of our great officials, so it was nice to be able to repay him in some way for his many years of service,” stated LeBlanc.  “He has been through a pretty traumatic experience and we hope that this will, in some small way, help him to get back on his feet.  It is a pleasure for us to help someone in our track community in their time of need,” he added.


Several new masters records were established at the meet as well.  The records included:

SP W45-49           5.33m    Tracy Dunn (SJTC)

SP W50-54          8.55m Valerie Bérubé

SP W55-59           7.27m    Heather LeBlanc

SP W65-69           5.30m    Adrienne Cameron (SJTC)

SP M70-74           10.13m Imrich Kiraly (SJTC)

WT W65-69         6.53m    Adrienne Cameron (SJTC)

2020-03-26 - Joni Colwell Selected as Female Apprentice Coach for 2021 Games
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2020-03-13 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Government of New Brunswick

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