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Feb 27 2019 - NB at AUS Championships 2019

This Past weekend UdeM played host to the AUS conference Championships in Track and field Many athletes from New Brunswick were present. NB athletes and teams won a total of 30 medals at the Championships.

In the women's 60m and 300m races Veronique Omalosanga finished in 3rd place for each, representing UdeM.

In the Women's HJ and Pentathlon Sydney MacDonald finished in 2nd place for each, representing UNB.


In the women's PV Sharon Ngongo finished in 1st place, ending tied for the AUS record and breaking the NB U23 and Senior provincial records representing UdeM.

In the women's TJ Lexie Shannon finished in 1st place representing UNB.

In the women's LJ and TJ Victoria LeBlanc finished in 2nd place for each, representing UNB.

UdeM's women's 4x200m and 4x400m relay teams, both made up of Lisa Richard, Sharon Ngongo, Joelle Leger and Veronique Omalosanga, finished in 3rd place for each.

In the Men's 300m Braden Harrison finished in 3rd place representing UNB.

In the 600m Timothy Brennan finished in 1st place, in the 60m hurdles he finished in 3rd place representing St. FX.

In the 1500m Michael Colford finished in 3rd place, in the 3000m he finished in 2nd place, representing UNB.

In HJ, LJ Brandon Cleghorn finished in 1st place for each, as well as in TJ he finished in 3rd place, representing UNB.

In TJ Anthony Cormier finished in 2nd place representing Dalhousie University.

In SP and WT Jarod Manuel finsihed in 1st place for each representing UNB.

In the PV and Heptathlon Alain Doucet and Jean-Luc Bastarache traded off first and second place finishes, with Alain winning the PV and Jean-Luc the Heptathlon, they both also tied the PV AUS record and Jean-Luc broke the Heptathlon record.

UNB's men's 4x200m made up of Eric Hughes, Ben Edwards, Jack Kennedy, and Bailey Ferguson, finished in 3rd place.


In the women's team competition UdeM and UNB tied for 3rd place with 60 points, behind St. FX at 109 point and Dalhousie with 121 points.

In the Men's team competition St. FX finished in 3rd place with 88 points, behind UNB at 93 points and Dalhousie at 105 points.

Congratulations to all of the NB athletes and teams who participated.

Feb 27 2019 - 2019 Atlantic Championships

This past weekend ANB hosted the 2019 Atlantic Indoor Championships, in Moncton.

There was a number of wonderful performances and NB athletes broke 10 provincial records!

Erin Vringer of Saint John, in the U16 girl's 1200m, broke her own record with a time of 3:43.73

Craig Thorne of Saint John, in the U20 men's 60mh, broke his own record with a time of 8.30s.

Tanya Riordon of Bathurst in the 50-54 women's 60m broke the record with a time of 14.49s.

Tracey MacIsaac of Riverview in the 50-54 women's HJ, broke the record with a height of 1.20m.

Joni Colwell of Hillsborough in the 35-39 women's HJ broke the record with a height of 1.10m, as well as in the LJ broke the record with a jump of 2.63m.

Sharon Peabody of Saint John broke the 60-64 women's TJ record with a jump of 5.70m, and the 60-64 women's 60mh record with a 17.60s.

Ross Belyea of Woodstock broke is own 70-74 mean's TJ record with a jump of 8.12m.


Heather LeBlanc of Memramcook broke her own WT record with a throw of 7.66m.

NB also had 10 Atlantic champions is multiple events, each of:

Erika Despres, Erika Blackmore, Erin Vringer, Heather LeBlanc, Andrew Rinzler, Micah Landry, Andrew Justason and Samuel Bourque won 2 events as well as Caroline Gagnon and Max Mazerolle who won 3 each.

On the women's side in 3rd place with 63.50 points was Saint John Track club, in 2nd was Pictou Couty Athletics Club with 173 points and in 1st was A.S.E.A. With 180 points. On the men's side in 3rd was Saint John Track Club with 103 points, 2nd was A.S.E.A. With 181 points and in 1st was Pictou County Athletics Club with 267 points. Giving the overall title to Pictou County Athletics Club with 440 points, with A.S.E.A in 2nd with 361 points and in 3rd Saint John Track Club with 166.50 points.

Congratulations to Pictou County and all of the athletes who participated in this great championship!

Feb 26 2019 - ANB invites the athletic community to support Youth Participation and High Performance

Athletics NB (ANB), the governing body for Track & Field and Cross Country Running in New Brunswick, is proud to announce its 2019 Fundraising Initiative. For well over 50 years, ANB has provided our NB youth and athletes the opportunity to enjoy the many facets of our sport at both the recreational and the high-performance levels.

ANB currently engages over 25,000 youngsters every year across our Province through its Run/Jump/Throw/Wheel Youth Program along with other activities and competitions. This nationally recognized introductory program launched five years ago, introduces children ages 6-10 years to fundamental movement skills and development of physical literacy through various track & field activities and games. Our programs build confidence and provide children with a strong sport foundation while having fun and being initiated to competition. Our highly qualified coaching staff works closely with our clubs, schools and community organizations to engage our New Brunswick youth and spark a love for sport that lasts a lifetime.

In addition, Athletics New Brunswick financially supports the growth of its athletes into the high-performance levels through financial and training support and participation at local, regional, national and international competitions. In 2018, nine NB athletes were supported at the highest Elite level, eight at the High-Performance level, and another 67 were recognized as performance or development levels. Continuous funding is required to assist these athletes in realizing their potential so they may achieve their dreams and proudly represent their home province of New Brunswick and, increasingly so, their country of Canada.

Athletics New Brunswick is seeking to provide stronger support and greater opportunities to these youth and high-performance athletes while maintaining affordable membership fees for all. Through a partnership with SportNB, patrons of Athletics can now contribute to ANB’s Youth Participation and/or High-Performance programs. Every dollar given will help young New Brunswick athletes grow and develop in our sport. All donors will receive a Tax Receipt for donations of $20 or more in accordance with the current Canadian Tax Act.

We sincerely appreciate all patronage support.

ANB Board & Staff

Click here to Donate:

Feb 14 2019 - Stéphanie Doiron Appointed New Executive Director at Athletics NB and RunNB

New Brunswick high jump record holder looking to raise the bar higher at ANB and RunNB

Athletics New Brunswick (ANB) and Run New Brunswick (RunNB) are very pleased to announce that Stéphanie Doiron will be joining both organizations as their new Executive Director effective March 4th, 2019.

 “On behalf of the ANB Board of Directors, we are absolutely delighted to welcome Stéphanie as our new Executive Director”, says ANB President Marc Lalonde. “Stéphanie brings a rare range of experiences as an athlete, as an administrator and coach, and for the past four years as a professional in the field of operations with a leading NB based global company.” 

A 2015 Dean’s honour graduate of the Faculty of Administration at the Université de Moncton, Ms. Doiron was also this university’s 2014 Athlete of the year and the 2014 recipient of the Frank H. Sobey Award for Excellence in Business Studies.  

“Her strong credentials make her an ideal candidate to lead ANB in our next phase of growth both in terms of youth participation and in the development of our high-performance athletes at all age levels. ANB has been most fortunate over the past 25 years to have had talented leaders, first in Dave Thomas who singlehandedly advanced the sport across our Province and over the past nine years with Gabriel LeBlanc, whose creativeness and unrelenting energy, has made ANB one of the most dynamic sport associations in the country.”

A Rogersville NB native, Ms. Doiron will be joining an elite ANB team of staff professionals in Steve LeBlanc, its High-Performance Coordinator, Chris Belof, its High-Performance Coach, and Julia Loparco its Director of Youth and Intro Programs.

“Through the interview process it was very clear that Ms. Doiron has all of the aptitudes including strong communication and interpersonal skills, to also serve as RunNB’s new Executive Director, just as Gabriel LeBlanc has done”, states RunNB’s President, Mary Brosnan. “Our RunNB board has accepted the recommendation that we continue our relationship with ANB in the sharing of the Executive Director position, and we look forward to working with Stéphanie and the members of her team in the future.”

“I certainly welcome this great opportunity offered to me by the ANB and RunNB Boards”, states Stéphanie Doiron. The sport of athletics is very much in my heart and soul and to have such a unique opportunity at this early stage of my professional career is certainly a challenge I welcome wholeheartedly. I look forward to working with my colleagues, all of the ANB and RunNB athletes and participants, member-clubs, coaches, officials, administrators and naturally our supporting partners, including the Sport and Recreation Branch of our provincial Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Culture. Together I know we can advance our sports of athletics, road and trail running to new heights, all for the benefit of our NB youth and those who engage in healthy and active living.”


For further information please contact:

Marc Lalonde – President – Athletics New Brunswick

506-381-0932 –


Mary Brosnan – President – Run New Brunswick

506-214-3220 -


Stéphanie Doiron

506-210-3077 -

Feb 7 2019 - 2021 ANB Coaching Staff

Call for application has been extended for the positions listed below:

2021 - Head Coach of the Canada Games &. Team Canada Games Manager 


2021 Chief Coach of the JDLF


Please see the attached job description and application form under the "GENERAL & FORMS" on our Website 

The application deadline has been extended to Feb 17th at 5pm.

Please send all applications with the required documents to

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