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Sep 13 2019 - ANB Youth Cross-Country Series Starts This Weekend!

Athletics New Brunswick is pleased to once again be offering the Youth Cross Country Series for the 2019 cross country season! It all starts tomorrow with the Vincent Massey Elementary XC Meet in St. Andrews! For more information and for Youth Series events, visit our calendar at or the following page:

Sep 11 2019 - Atlantic Athletics Summit and NCCP Performance Coach Seminar

Saint John is proud to host the 2019 Atlantic Athletics Summit which will provide a great line-up of presenters and clinicians including renowned coach Kevin Tyler as our keynote presenter. This event will be the first athletics event held in the new field house and will feature athlete training sessions, coaching education opportunities, and other workshops. The Summit will include training sessions in all event areas, as well as seminars on related training and athlete development topics. These Summit sessions are open to athletes and coaches.

This weekend event will also include a NCCP Performance Coach course in all events for Atlantic Canada. The Atlantic Performance Coach program will be an intensive 3 day an event specific course. It is ideal for coaches with U18 athletes or higher, specializing in one event group, training all-year round and competing higher national level competitions. Coaches can sign up for ONE event group:

Sprint/Hurdles with Learning Facilitators - Les Gramantik

Endurance with Learning Facilitator - Sean Baynton

Jumps with Learning Facilitator - Brett Lumley

Throws with Learning Facilitator - Larry Steinke

Additional presenter for the program - Kevin Tyler

For more information on the NCCP Performance Coach:

For more information on the Atlantic Athletics Summit:

Sep 10 2019 - Happy 40th Coaching Anniversary Peter Stuart!

On behalf of the New Brunswick athletic community, ANB wishes a happy 40th professional anniversary to coach Peter Stuart!

Here is a little overview of Peter’s career who was elected coach of the year in 1995, 2015 and 2018:

1979-1981 - Woodstock Track & Field Club

1981-1986 - Moncton McDonalds Track & Field Club

1986-1989- Riverview Track & Field Club

1989-2007- South East Athletics

2007- present- South East Athletics South East Athletics (ASEA)

Thank you, Young Man, for all the time you have spent on athletics. Your experience and efforts will be very helpful in continuing our mission to promote athletics in NB and Canada.

Sep 9 2019 - Last Day to Submit ANB Award Nominations!

A reminder that the deadline to submit ANB award nominations is today (September 9th)! Please use the following link:

Thank you to those who have already submitted nominations!

More information on the ANB awards can be found here:

Sep 9 2019 - Launch of Athletics New Brunswick Hall of Fame

6pm Friday, November 22nd @ the New Saint John Field House

Athletics New Brunswick is very pleased to announce the launch of its Hall of Fame at 6pm on Friday, November 22nd at the New Saint John Field House.  The ceremony will see the induction of its first seven Hall of Fame members selected from over 100 years of New Brunswick Track and Field history.  They include athletes Joel Bourgeois (Steeplechase), John Corazza (Javelin), Diane Matheson Clement (Sprint), William “Billy” Maynes (400 meters), Andrew (Jack/”Zan”) Miller (High Jump),  Hal Merrill  (Paralympian – shot put, discus, javelin) and in the Builder Category, LeRoy Washburn.          

“This is an initiative whose time has certainly come, if not overdue”, states ANB Board Chair Marc Lalonde. “The history of our sport of Athletics in our Province is very rich with so many great accomplishments by New Brunswickers. It will be a fantastic opportunity to recognize the past achievements of these incredible athletes who have paved the way for our current and future athletes. The initial inductees were chosen by Athletics New Brunswick’s Awards Selection Committee, focusing on provincial athletes who have represented Canada at the Olympic Games or equivalent plus one remarkable individual in Leroy Washburn, in the builder category for his lifetime devotion and accomplishments.  Three of our inductees, Joel Bourgeois, Hal Merrill and Giovanni (Jean) Corazza, will be present at the induction ceremony.”

Carol Landry, the ANB vice-chair, who led the organizing of the Hall of Fame ceremony adds, “This will be a memorable event and coincides with the Athletics Canada Semi General Annual Meeting being hosted in Saint John with board members, staff, and our provincial Athletics branches. We expect over 150 attendees and hope that even more will make the effort to attend. For all those involved in the sport of Athletics in our Province, this will be a one-time opportunity to celebrate past achievements and look ahead to our future”.

The invitation to register will open in mid September and all are welcome. The evening will be an active socialization between all guests and distinguished visitors, with refreshments and hors d’oeuvres, as well as, an on-stage panel discussion between our inductees, senior Athletics Canada staff and top-level Canadian athletes, then conclude with an audience Q&A session. “This format will allow us to connect with our past while equally engaging in our future with past Olympians, aspiring Olympians, senior Athletics Canada coaches and administrators” adds Landry. “A perfect mix, notwithstanding the actual induction of our eight Hall of Famers … And of course, perhaps no better setting than doing it in our brand new $28 million New Saint John Indoor Field House.”

Registration link:

More information on the inductees:


For further information, please contact;

Stéphanie Doiron

Executive Director / Directrice générale

AthleticsNB and RunNB / AthlétismeNB et CourseNB

506.855.5003 (O) | 506.210.3077 (C)

Sep 3 2019 - Kid Sport Funding

Did you know subsidies are available for children who wish to practice an organized sport or participate in a recreational program? KidSport provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport. Grants will not exceed a maximum of $200 per calendar year, and are eligible for children 18 years old and under.

The deadline for the KidSport application for the Fall semester is upon us! The deadline this year falls on September 1st. As always, we are a little bit lenient in terms of accepting applications once the deadline is passed, but just know that all applications sent after September first will not have the same guarantee of being approved as the ones sent prior to the deadline.

This year, the applications can be done online on KidSport Canada’s website! Here is the link to apply online: . Once there, click on your region and then continue by clicking the big blue “apply for assistance” button.

As usual, individuals applying for assistance need to include a notice of assessment with their application. A notice of assessment can be obtained by calling the following number: 1-800-959-8281.

Don't hesitate to reach out to your Regional Consultant if you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process or KidSport in general.


BRYAR, GILLES ( - Bathurst

ROBICHAUD, JACQUES ( - Campbellton

CYR, DANIEL ( - Edmundston



ALLISON, HOLLY ( - Miramichi


EVANS, GREG ( - Saint John

KUHN, KENT ( - Woodstock

Sep 3 2019 - Banned Substances Alert

Message to athletes from Own The Podium. It is strongly advised that athletes discontinue using the following supplements until we receive further information from a review that is being conducted over the next several weeks. These supplements may contain banned substances.

1. Precision creatine, Batch # 20161218,Lot # 1716925
2. Power Bar beta-alanine, Batch # 146822, Lot# 8109
3. NutraSea Omega-3 HP + vitamin D capsules, Lot # 20871
4. M.E.G. military caffeine gum:
a) Arctic Mint, Batch # AR-00102
b) Spearmint, Batch # SP-00101
c) Cinnamon, Batch # CN-00103


If you are concerned by any of the contents please contact Dr Trent Stellingwerff (AC Sports Science and Sports Medicine Lead) at or Dr Paddy McCluskey (AC Chief Medical Officer) at .

Sep 3 2019 - Geneviève Lalonde Named to Team Canada for World Championships

On August 30th, Athletics Canada announced the 49 athletes and 24 staff who have been selected to represent Canada at the 2019 IAAF World Championships in Doha, Qatar from September 27 to October 6. Among those named was Moncton's star steeple-chase runner Geneviève Lalonde.

Lalonde's last performance at the 2017 IAAF World Championships had set a new Canadian record, finishing 13th in 9:29.99. This outdoor season has been full of incredible performances for Gen, including breaking her own national record and placing 6th at the IAAF Diamond League in Shanhai, China, a gold medal and a new championship record at the Canadian Track & Field Championships and a gold medal and new Games record at the Pan American Games. Geneviève's current PB in the 3000m steeplechase is 9:29.82.

The 3000m steeplechase heats are schedule for Friday, September 27th at 1PM AST and the finals are scheduled for Monday, September 30th at 3:50PM AST.

Links to live streams will be posted closer to the event date.

Congratulations Gen -- your fans will be cheering you on!

2019-09-13 - ANB Youth Cross-Country Series Starts This Weekend!
2019-09-11 - Atlantic Athletics Summit and NCCP Performance Coach Seminar
2019-09-10 - Happy 40th Coaching Anniversary Peter Stuart!
2019-09-09 - Last Day to Submit ANB Award Nominations!
2019-09-09 - Launch of Athletics New Brunswick Hall of Fame

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