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Jan 27 2020 - New Brunswickers in action this past weekend

New Brunswick athletes were competing across North America this weekend, and they sure did not disappoint with notable performances from many this weekend. Both UNB Reds and UdeM Aigles Bleus sent teams to the McGill Team Challenge in Montreal along with club athletes from across the province. South of the border, UNB sent a team to the John Thomas Terrier Classic in Boston Jack Berkshire ran for UofT at Eastern Michigan and Sarah MacPherson ran the Dr. Sanders Invitational in New York.

At the McGill Team Challenge in Montreal,

Micah Hesman of UNB won the men’s Heptathlon with 4372pts. Jarod Manuel of UNB placed third in the men’s weight throw with 16.27m Robert Williamson of UNB placed third in the men’s triple jump with 13.05m Grace Annear of Saint John Track & Field Club placed an impressive second in the women’s 1000m in a time of 2:53.81, and took home third in the 600m in 1:31.67 Erin Vringer of SJTC won the women’s 3000m in a time of 9:53.03. Vringer also ran to third in the 1500m with 4:36.09. UdeM women’s 4x200m comprised of Véronique Omasolanga, Caroline Gagnon, Hillary Maclean, and Joëlle Léger took home third in a time of 1:46.27. Kyla Hughes of UdeM took third in the women’s shot put with a launch of 12.37m. Jarod Manuel of UNB took first in the men’s shot put with 14.81m while UdeM’s Samuel Bourque took second with 13.27m. There were many other great performances had by both University teams, as well as club athletes.

At the John Thomas Terrier Classic in Boston,

Victoria LeBlanc of the UNB Reds placed third in the women’s triple jump with a leap of 11.94m Many athletes on the team had outstanding performances including many personal bests and school records.

At the Can Am meet at Eastern Michigan, Jack Berkshire of University of Toronto ran to a second-place finish in the 300m in 34.24s.

At the Dr. Sander Invitational in New York, Sarah MacPherson ran the Athletics Canada World Indoor Standard in the mile with a time of 4:33.36.

Jan 17 2020 - Middle-Distance Athletes Wanted!

Are you a middle-distance athletes between the ages of 18 and 35 who specialized in distances between 600m and 1 mile? If so, this opporunity could be for you! Read on...

PhD Candidates Jonathan Lasnier and Natalie Durand-Bush are looking for middle-distance T&F athletes between the ages of 18 and 35 who specialize in distances between 600m and 1 mile to participate in the second phase of their research project. In this phase, they are aiming to evaluate and compare the benefits, drawbacks, and effects of different online mental performance interventions on exercise-induced pain management (EIP), performance, and mental health in competitive and high-performance endurance athletes. 

As a participant, you will be asked to participate in an online intervention lasting 8 consecutive weeks between February and May 2020. The intervention will consist of completing a module of a workbook ech week and submit it to the lead researcher, Jonathan Lasnier. Each module will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. You will also be asked to complete a survey containing demographic, EIP management, psychological skills, and mental health-related questions befor eand after the online intervention, which will take 20-30 minutes each time.

Your participation in this research project is extremely important as mental performance interventions to improve EIP management performance, and ental health in endurance athletes are limited. Help us help endurance athletes to perform up to their potential while maintaining their mental health. If you are interested, please email Jonathan Lasnier at Participants will be recruited on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thank you for your time and participation!


Jan 16 2020 - Les Jeux de la francophonie canadienne - Bulletin spécial

Voici quelques informations de la part des organizateurs des Jeux de la francophonie canadienne 2020. Un événement d’envergure qui a lieu tous les trois ans  Une première pour la Colombie-Britannique et pour le Grand Victoria  Un rassemblement de 1200 jeunes Canadiens et Canadiennes d’expression française  Une opportunité pour les jeunes de 14 à 18 ans de se démarquer dans les volets de compétition : arts, leadership et sports  Une 8e édition qui aura lieu du 14 au 18 juillet 2020 


Il est possible de soutenir l’organisation des JeuxFC en vous procurant les T-shirts au coût de 30 $, incluant les frais de livraison.

Disponible en noir ou blanc. Grandeur petit, médium, grand, très grand.

Visiter notre boutique en ligne :
Faire une demande d'achat par courriel :


Aperçu de l'ambiance des JeuxFC, Victoria 2020 !

Visionnez notre VIDÉO promotionnelle, lancée en juillet pour célébrer la dernière année avant les JeuxFC de 2020 à Victoria! 


Suivez-nous sur nos réseaux sociaux pour ne rien manquer !


@jeuxfc #victoria2020

Jan 15 2020 - ANB Award Winners

On Saturday (January 11th), Athletics New Brunswick hosted its annual awards gala to honour its athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers through the last year.

Below are the winners of each award: 

The U14 female winner was: Kate Norquay. (FLTC, Fredericton)

The U14 male winner was: Jack Mellish. (ASEA, Colpitts Settlement)

The U16 female winner was: Erin Vringer. (SJTC,Saint John)

The U16 male winner was: Micah Landry. (SJTC, St. Stephen)

The U18 female winner was: Shelby MacIsaac. (ASEA, Riverview)

The U18 male winner was: François Richard. (ASEA, Dieppe)

The U20 female winner was: Kyla Hughes. (AETOS, Cocagne)

The U20 male winner was: Jordan Henri. (AETOS, Moncton)

The Open female winner was: Geneviève Lalonde. (SRNB, Moncton)

The Open male winner was: Andrew LeBlanc. (SRNB, Fredericton)

The Masters female winner was: Patty Blanchard. (ASEA, Dieppe)

The Masters male winner was: Bruce Rosvall. (FFFT, Rothesay)

The 2018 U18 women's XC award winner was: Erin Vringer (SJTC, Saint John)

The 2018 U18 men's XC award winner was: François Richard (ASEA, Dieppe)

The women's 18+ 2018 XC award winner was: Geneviève Lalonde (SRNB, Moncton)

The men's 18+ 2018 XC award winner was: Isaac Cull (SJTC, Fredericton)

Team of the year: ASEA U18 Girls (Janelle Allanach, Dieppe), (Erika Blackmore, Miramichi), (Emily Doucet, Aldouane), Shelby MacIsaac, Riverview)

The Harold Nicholson volunteer of the year is: Michele LeBlanc (Fredericton)

Spirit of Sport Award: Françis Charles Roussel (ASEA, Baie petit pokemouche

The officials of the year are: Marg & Rick Stocker. (Fredericton)

The coaching excellence award was: Steve LeBlanc. (AETOS, Riverview)

The female outstanding performance winner was: Geneviève Lalonde (SRNB, Moncton)

The male outstanding performance winner was: Jordan Henri (AETOS, Moncton)

Congratulations to all of those who were nominated for all of your hard work and dedication through the last year and beyond, as well to the winners themselves, it is well deserved.

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