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Mar 26 2020 - Joni Colwell Selected as Female Apprentice Coach for 2021 Games

We are extremely excited to announce that Joni Colwell (ASEA), will be joining the 2021 Canada Games coaching staff as a coaching apprentice! Congrats Joni!

“Currently, I am the Head Coach for ASEA’s Junior Athlete Development Program as well as Assistant Coach with the Athlete Development and Masters training programs. I was also part of the 2019 Team NB Legion Nationals coaching staff in Sydney, NS. I am Sport Coach certified and Club Coach trained and am working diligently on obtaining my certification in Sprints/Hurdles.    My goals for this program are to gain a greater knowledge in short and long term planning, tapering, race prep, athlete psychology, as well as, staff planning and coordination. I am excited for what the next year has to hold and look forward to working with the 2021 Team NB Canada Games team and coaching staff.”

Mar 23 2020 - Update to ANB Members - Covid-19 Situation











Dear ANB members,

On behalf of your board and staff we certainly wish to express our profound regrets for the situation we all find ourselves in. “Unprecedented global phenomena” certainly are the defining words. We hope you are all safe, sound and in good health. Most importantly please do adhere to the latest emergency advisory issued by the Province of New Brunswick below. It is imperative we all do so.

As you will have noticed over the past 24 hours the Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian Paralympic Committee have called on the IOC and the Tokyo 2020 LOC to postpone the Olympics until 2021, which now we expect will occur. Such a change will alleviate the unnecessary and detrimental pressures put on all aspiring Olympic athletes around the world over the past few months.

For your information your national body, Athletics Canada, played a leading role in the decision by the COC and CPC. We congratulate them in their leadership. You will also note below the follow-up actions taken by Athletics Canada including the cancellation of the National Championships in Montreal this June. Our hearts go out not only to the athletes but also to the organizers who held an outstanding championship competition in 2019.

These developments do highlight the need for us at ANB to find ways to assist you our athletes and coaches over this lock-down period as well as plan out contingencies, should we be in an extended period of restricted access or even lock-down.  After a discussion earlier today with staff here are the first two initiatives we are taking:

Over the next 24 hours, your senior ANB staff will be reaching out to all ANB coaches for input in terms of what they might have identified and developed as alternative best practices for athlete training at the present. This includes training methods as well as access to technical support and injury prevention/management. Ideally this collection of best practices will be made available on a centralized data center that you can all access. We will reach out to Athletics Canada and to our other PSO partners for the same. Effective immediately all ANB athletes and coaches are welcome to call on either Steve Leblanc or Chris Belof for any technical or training support (coordinates below). Most particularly we encourage those athletes who, for one reason or another, have no coaching support to reach out to them. They will be pleased to provide you feedback and possibly suggest coaching support (near-by or at distance) available to you should you be looking for an ongoing training program.

Finally, we encourage you to keep up to date on all new advisories issued by our province’s Public Health at the following:

Steve Leblanc - ANB Coordinator of High Performance– – 506-852-0325

Chris Belof – ANB High Performance Coach – – 506-638-2439

Mar 16 2020 - ANB Advisory and Recommendations COVID -19

**French message to follow**


The ANB board is writing to provide its directive and recommendations to all ANB members and family members. As background and at this time, neither Health Canada nor the Province of New Brunswick’s Public Health department have issued a cease-all-activities order to National Sport Associations nor provincial ones. In NB there has been a call to cancel all activities with over 150 participants.

The purpose of all other directives (travel and other) taken by the Province of New Brunswick and its Public Health department, are in our opinion, threefold:

To ensure a safe environment for all our population To contain the spread of the virus or severely reduce the chance of any spread To better assess the extent to which the virus is present within our population (1 confirmed and 1 probable as of March 16th) – The measures put in place should allow Public Health to make that determination.

The ANB Technical Committee lead by Steve LeBlanc (ANB Dir. Of High Performance) and coach representatives from across the Province met on Saturday and have provided the board with the following recommendations.

“We discussed what each AC branch has done to this point as well as other NSO's and PSO's. We also considered that the timing right now puts most athletes in a transition phase between indoor and outdoor seasons, and most clubs would be operating in a part-time training mode at this time of year anyway.

While we were not able to come to a consensus on a specific recommendation per se, we were able to all agree that ANB should strongly recommend that clubs reduce the number of participants in attendance and perhaps the frequency of organized practices that take place over the next 2 weeks at minimum.”

We therefore strongly recommend that:

That whatever facility is hosting club practices that the leadership of the clubs is comfortable that procedures and the cleaning of these facilities meet the Public Health safety advisory. That every aspects of the practices meet guidelines issued by Public Health (see below) Clubs cease operating in regular manner, in particular, as it concerns training sessions that bring many athletes together in one place at one time. Group sizes should be limited to no larger than 15 athletes and less. In fact, individual or very small groups of 2 to 4 would seem ideal. Changing to outdoor training be encouraged where possible. Any athlete or parent/guardian of an athlete feel entirely at liberty to take more restrictive measures without any undue pressures.

For your information and to our knowledge here is a recap of what actions have taken place so far in our sport in our Province.

Facility Closures: The Gagetown military sport facility is closed, CEPS in Moncton is now closed, with the exception of the Physio clinic.

Clubs: The SJTC, Aetos, and Chaleur Clubs have ceased all regular practices until March 28th.

Universities: Both UdeM and UNB have ceased all varsity team training and activities as part of a curtailing all student activities until April 28th (and classes until March 30th).

The members of the ANB Technical committee and your Board and staff will continue to monitor the situation and public health notices and will provide further updates as needed and no later than next Monday March 23rd.

Please do ensure all ANB members independent of age, are aware of the Public Health notice below:

Stay well, stay connected, Stay healthy. Thank you.

Public Health Guidelines:

Washing your hands frequently (it is the single most effective way of reducing the spread of viruses) & following the recommended guidelines (minimum of 20 seconds) Do not touch your face/eyes/mouth with your hands Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing. Practice cough etiquette (maintain distance, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and wash hands as noted above) Players and staff should use their own water bottles to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing over 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available Avoid contact with sick people, including avoiding close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections Practice safe social distancing (maintain at least 2 metres (6 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing

Mar 13 2020 - Updates Regarding Contacting Athletics New Brunswick Staff

March 13, 2020


Members of Athletics New Brunswick,


In light of recent staffing changes, we would like to clarify who to contact with specific questions and needs. Please refer to the graph below, and contact the appropriate people to have your questions or concerns followed-up with in a timely manner.

We thank everyone for their patience, and hope you have a wonderful experience in the athletics community.





For inquiries in the following areas, please contact: 

Julia Loparco


Phone: 506-608-1175

- Competitions

- Events

- Youth Development

- ANB Programs

- Para-Athletics

- All other inquiries


For inquiries in the following areas, please contact:

Steve LeBlanc


Phone: 506-852-0325

- High Performance

- ADSP Program

- Universite de Moncton program


For inquiries in the following areas, please contact:

Chris Belof


Phone: 506-381-0932

- Coach Education

- Provincial Coaching Positions

- University of New Brunswick program


Anything Board of Director's related: 

Marc Lalonde, President of Athletics New Brunswick

Mar 13 2020 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Government of New Brunswick

Dear ANB members and friends,

Similar to all sports organization, Athletics New Brunswick is re-adjusting to the directives and information provided by governing bodies. Please find attached comprehensive information received from the Province of New Brunswick’s ministry that oversees sports yesterday afternoon. We encourage all to read through the information including its links, in particular the recommendations made by Health Canada in terms of measures in public places that we must collectively and individual take to ensure safety.

The ANB technical committee will also be meeting shortly to discuss any further recommendations that can be  provided and applied in terms of ensuring the optimum of safety at training practices that remain ongoing.

We will continue to post all relevant information that is provided. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Below you can find the memo which has been released by the Province of New Brunswick.



"The Sport and Recreation Branch has received several questions from the sport and recreation sector seeking guidance regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19).   We recognize the seriousness people are taking with this disease, and that sport and recreation governing bodies are faced with difficult decisions that might impact the delivery of programs and services.   As the Sport and Recreation Branch has no direct oversight role over sport and recreation governing bodies, it is unable to instruct or direct them on what decisions to make in relation to COVID-19 and their sport and recreation operations.   Each of your organizations is encouraged to adopt all advised actions by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (Public Health) announcements and recommendations. This office will have the most up to date information on COVID-19 at the following website:   Questions have also been raised regarding the recent memo from Education and Early Childhood Minister Dominic Cardy about community use of schools and the restrictions related to people returning from or have returned from international travel.   The responsibility of managing school facilities, including policies and decisions pertaining to community use of schools falls under the responsibility of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Therefore, we advise that sport and recreation governing bodies follow directives from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and specific school district offices and schools regarding school facility usage during this time.   Lastly, below are a couple of links to information from the Government of Canada that your organization might find helpful in its decision making related to activities, events and competitions:   1. Community-based measures to mitigate the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Canada. infection/health-professionals/public-health-measures-mitigate-covid-19.html 2. Risk-informed decision-making for mass gatherings during COVID-19 global outbreak infection/health-professionals/mass-gatherings-risk-assesment.html   Sincerely,   Jeff LeBlanc Director

Mar 13 2020 - Canadian Masters Indoor Champioships & Atlantic Indoor Championships Cancelled

Attention ALL who were registered for the Canadian Masters Championships and Atlantic Indoor Championships:

With the current COVID-19 recommendations from the Government of New Brunswick, we have decided it is in the best interest of all athletes, coaches, officials and spectators that we cancel the event for this weekend.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and thank you all for your efforts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Julia Loparco or Bill MacMackin.

Mar 12 2020 - Athletics Canada COVID-19 Advisory/Guidance

Please see the statement below from Athletics Canada.


On March 10th, Athletics Canada convened a meeting of its senior leadership team to discuss the COVID-19 crisis (now deemed by the World Health Organization as a worldwide pandemic).  AC’s Sport Science team has also been involved in these discussions (with the COPSIN Sport Medicine Advisory Committee now working on 48 hr updates for the sport community).  We looked at risk through two lenses – what is the risk of doing it, and what is the risk of not doing it.  We did that with an eye on performance preparation and financial risk, but most importantly with the health and welfare of our athletes and support staff always at the forefront of the discussions.

 Here are the some of the factors considered, and decisions taken by the AC senior leadership group: 

There are a number of upcoming camps/competitions scheduled in Canada and the United States in March and April, including the Canadian Indoor U16/U18/U20 Championships, but nothing internationally until the World Race Walk Cup in Minsk at the end of April/early May.   Given the current advice from the COPSIN Sport Medicine Advisory Committee (subject to change given their planned every 48 hr update plan), we believe that we can currently go forward with camps/competitions/events scheduled in Canada and the United States. This would be both for athletes on their own programs, as well as AC led/directed events. It is HIGHLY recommended that no member of Athletics Canada travel outside North America, for any reason, until at least April 12/2020. For anyone who decides to disregard this non North American travel advisory, you will be ineligible to use Athletics Canada CAPP support (dollars, travel bookings facilitated by AC, etc.) until at least April 12/2020.  You will be undertaking any such travel at your own risk, and at your own cost. Athletics Canada will not hold any camps, or participate in any competitions outside of North American until at least April 12/2020.

Please direct any comments or questions to High Performance Director Simon Nathan, or your Athlete Performance Advisor (APA).

 Note this policy is subject to change frequently, as the situation around COVID-19 if both fluid and volatile.  We will communicate any changes as quickly as we can, via whatever medium is necessary given the urgency of any particular scenario.

Mar 6 2020 - Masters Athlete Info for 2020 Medavie Canadian 5k Championships

Mar 5 2020 - Moncton will host the Medavie Moncton Running Festival, September 11th - 13th, 2020


The event will include the Canadian 5km Road Race Championships, with Geneviève Lalonde confirmed and many other elite Canadian Olympians expected to race in downtown Moncton.

Athletics New Brunswick (ANB), in partnership with Run New Brunswick (RunNB) and the Greater Moncton Running Club (GMRC), have collaborated with one another to organize a Running Festival in the city of Moncton during the weekend of September 11th to 13th of this year.

“This project started last summer when Gen Lalonde brought to our attention the opportunity to host Athletics Canada’s 2020 and 2021 5km road race championships,” states ANB’s Executive Director, Stéphanie Doiron. “It did not take long to get everyone quite excited at the thought of having Canada’s very best distance runners in New Brunswick just one month after the Tokyo Olympics. We approached Athletics Canada officials who were most responsive to our interest and eventually offered to host.”

“Athletics Canada prides itself on the quality of its national events,” states Athletics Canada’s Chief Executive Officer, David Bedford. “The involvement of Athletics New Brunswick and its partners, combined with the City of Moncton’s strong reputation at supporting sport tourism events, should deliver an excellent venue for this championship after many years of success in Toronto.”

Highlights of the Running Festival include a downtown welcome reception on Friday afternoon, the running of the Resurgo half and full marathon along the scenic Riverfront trails on Saturday morning, and the 5km National Road Championships along Assumption Boulevard on the Sunday morning. A closing banquet for the elite runners, volunteers, and partners will also be held on the Sunday afternoon. Due to the travel costs for many of the elite runners to be in Moncton, the organizers have allocated funding support to attract Canada’s best as part of its overall $100,000 event budget.

“The leadership and some twelve subcommittees have been established with a focus on ensuring the finest of hospitality for all of our guests and participants. We are working on having many features and services that we believe will make the event attractive to the runners, to our local merchants, and to the community as a whole,” adds Doiron.

Mary Brosnan, RunNB’s immediate past president, has assumed the role of Event Chair, Garth and Helena Millar are the Championship 5km road race Co-Directors and GMRC’s Lindsay Laltoo repeats as Resurgo’s Race Director.

One of the key attractions for the local community will be the chance forour youth to participate through a free 1km fun run just prior to the start of the men’s and women’s elite 5k Championship races. Our objective is to invite all those that wish to participate, spectate and be inspired by the quality of the runners and the overall running community experience.

Organizers also expect numerous master runners from across Canada to be present, since the national 5km Championship includes all master categories of 35 years and up. Marc Beaudoin, a well-known local runner, coach to World Master champion Patty Blanchard, and Moncton Sports Wall of Fameinductee, will assume the responsibility of welcoming master runners to the championships. A wheelchair race may also take place, depending upon the level of interest.

“At Medavie we believe that supporting an event that promotes both healthy living and excellence in sport will inspire people in the community. We are excited to be associated with the Moncton Running Festival this upcoming September and again in 2021,” declares Medavie’s Chief Executive Officer, Bernard Lord.

The 5km race start and finish lines will be located near the Medavie Blue Cross downtown head office, with both Downing Street and part of the Riverfront Park closed off, as will be Assomption Boulevard from Vaughn Harvey Boulevard to Main Street between 7am and 12:15 noon on Sunday, September 13th. No closures will be required for the Saturday Resurgo half and full marathon that will start at the 3 Fathers RCMP Memorial. Organizers have blocked off rooms and reception halls at the Delta Marriot, providing runners with the opportunity to lodge in short walking proximity to all the festivities.

The Running Festival will include other complimentary activities and restaurant/shopping advantages that will render the weekend experience complete for its guests. The organizing committee plans to unveil more details at a press conference in April.

All interested participants are welcome to register under

Reservations of $139 (plus taxes) may be made at the official meet hotel, the Delta Beausejour by Marriot Hotel, at Moncton Running Festival.



For further information please contact:

Mary Brosnan – Chair – Medavie Moncton Running Festival

(506) 639-2685 -


Marc Lalonde – President – Athletics New Brunswick

(506) 381-0932 –

Mat Gentes – Chief Operating Officer – Athletics Canada
(613) 260-5580 x3303 -


Mar 4 2020 - NB Athletes at U SPORTS Track & Field Championships

The University of Alberta Golden Bears and Pandas will host Canada’s top University track and field athletes this weekend at the USPORTS National Championships. The championships will see competition Thursday through Saturday at the Van Vliet Complex on the University of Alberta campus. Some of New Brunswick’s finest track & field athletes will showcase their running, jumping and throwing skills at this years Championships, competing under many different University flags. These athletes include Jack Berkshire, Ryan Evans, Micah Hesman, Kyla Hughes, Andrew LeBlanc, Victoria LeBlanc, Jarod Manuel and Craig Thorne.

Competing for the University of Guelph will be Craig Thorne of Quispamsis, currently ranked 1st in the USPORTS rankings in the 60m Hurdles. Also competing for Guelph is Fredericton native Andrew LeBlanc who will add to the men’s 4x800m relay this weekend, who are currently ranked 8th in the event. Saint John native Ryan Evans who competes for the University of Western Ontario will take on the 7-event heptathlon, and is currently ranked 8th heading into the weekend’s championships. Jack Berkshire from Fredericton will compete under the University of Toronto in both the 300m and 600m this weekend, where he is ranked 5th & 2nd respectively. Representing the University of New Brunswick Reds are Victoria LeBlanc, Jarod Manuel and Micah Hesman. LeBlanc, of Saint John faces fierce competition in both the triple jump and long jump where she is ranked 4th in triple and 12th in long jump. Manuel, of Baie St-Anne is ranked 9th going into both the shot put and weight throw. Hesman, of Fredericton will join Ryan Evans in the men’s heptathlon where he is currently ranked 17th in USPORTS rankings but will look to move up in those rankings. Competing under the Université de Moncton Aigles Bleues is Kyla Hughes of Cocagne, who will take on the women’s shot put.


While these championships are a great experience for all athletes participating, the quest for a spot on the podium is within reach for New Brunswickers with many of these athletes ranked in top spots, and many with performances that could put them in medal contention.

Athletics New Brunswick is incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication that these athletes have put into their training and how far they have all come this season, and are very excited to watch the weekend unfold, and show that we too can compete against the best in the nation.

The USPORTS Championships head east in 2021, where the University of New Brunswick will host at the new Irving Oil Field House in Saint John, the first time an AUS school will be able to host the National Championships. “With the Championships being hosted right here at home, we’re hoping to have more New Brunswickers qualify and compete on the national stage and prepare them for next year to compete in front of a hometown crowd”.


Interested in watching the championships live? You can livestream from the following link:

Mar 2 2020 - NB T&F History Part 5

Hi there, and welcome back to our fifth installment of the history of Track and Field performances by New Brunswick athletes at International and National competition. Today, we dive into our all time results by our best athletes at the annual Canadian Senior Outdoor Championships, focussing, of course, on the medallists. In our provincial track history over the course of about one hundred years, we have had 23 talented individuals capture 96 total medals at National Seniors.  We will review these results in two separate articles, the first covering our “early” history prior to 1970, and the second chapter covering the last 50 years.  Once again, please send your comments, feedback, additions or corrections,  to me at  I would love to hear from you !

Our first National Track and Field Championships in Canada was held in 1884 in Montreal.  The early editions were held mainly in the East, often in Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal.  Later, in the 1950’s and 60’s, the schedule expanded to include most of the major track communities in the country, including Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Windsor, Sudbury, Sherbrooke, and Moncton.  Prior to Moncton 2013 and 2014, the previous Maritime city hosting CDN SRS  was Halifax in 1965. Originally, the competition was organized by the AAU of Canada (Amateur Athletic Union),  the governing body for most Olympic sports (basketball, boxing, swimming, wrestling, track, etc.), until being taken over by the newly formed Canadian Track and Field Association (1968).

New Brunswick first claimed a medal at CDN Seniors in 1922 when Sussex’s Andrew Miller high jumped 1.73m to claim GOLD;  the future Olympian repeated this feat by defending his national title in 1923 with a leap of 1.82m. Around this same time, 440 yard specialist William Maynes, Saint John, began to carve a path towards the 1924 Olympics also, with a Silver medal in 1923 in a fabulous and famous 440 yd final in Halifax in 50.8 seconds. Incredibly, he was penalized for an earlier false start, and was forced to start THREE YARDS BACK !! (rule of the day), and came inches short of gold ! He came back with a solid Bronze the next year.

Our next medallist claimed three GOLDS in the shot put in 1925, 1927 and 1928, and may have captured other medals in this event, but verified results are spotty and inconsistent. Andrew (“Beef”) Malcolm, a Saint John native, was one of Canada’s most outstanding all around athletes in the 1920’s and 1930’s. He was a nationally renowned basketball player with the Saint John Trojans, he dabbled in football, and was a dominant shot putter in the Maritimes for more than ten years, setting a distance record that stood for more than three decades ! His PB 1928 throw of 13.73m made him the first Maritimer over 45 feet, and still ranks as one of our top ten all time throws here in New Brunswick.

** A note here:  Our NB sprinter Sig Nielsen, member of the 1938 CDN British Empire Games team, probably medalled at Nationals in the 100 yards at some time in 1937/38, but we have no accurate information on this. **

It would be a 25 year gap before Fredericton native Margery Squires, a competitor in 3 events at the British Empire Games of 1954, would capture Silver at the National Seniors in 1954 in her specialty of long jump, with a superb leap of 5.18m. Margery once unofficially broke the CDN Ladies record with a jump of 5.41 metres, and won a relay bronze in the Empire Games of ’54. Around this same era, Moncton sprinter Diane Matheson was making her mark at Nationals at a young age. She captured Silver in the 100 in 1954, and followed up with GOLD in the 220 in 1956, and ‘57 and Silver in 1958, and also a 100 yd GOLD in 1957. Diane picked up a bronze at the 1958 British Empire Games as a CDN 4 x 110 relay member, competed at the 1956 Olympics, and was a national sprint record holder numerous times at 100/220 yds and 100/200 metres.

Our most prolific female medal winner at Canadian Seniors began her illustrious career by winning a bronze in each of shot put and discus in 1956. Fredericton High grad Pat Dobie would go on to forge an amazing career in several sports regionally and nationally, and represent both New Brunswick and Saskatchewan at National Senior Track Championships over a six year period. She competed in the 1962 Commonwealth Games and the 1963 Pan Am Games, and once held the CDN Ladies javelin record. To summarize her incredible success at CDN SRS:  1957 – GOLD in each of shot, disc and javelin, as well as Bronze in 80m hurdles; ( WHO in our history will ever again medal both on the track and in a throw even ??)  1958 – Silver in shot and Bronze in disc;  1959 – GOLD in shot, and Silver in both discus and javelin;  1960 – GOLD in javelin;  1961 – GOLD in both shot and jav;  1962 – GOLD in both discus and javelin, and Silver in shot put.  Wow and wow !! Simply incredible, seventeen medals total  (9 G, 4 S and 4 B) .

Wrapping up our first chapter of this series on National success, we will finalize our medallists through   the decade of the 1960’s:  Pan Am Games veteran high jumper Sandra Barr from St. Stephen, was a two time medallist at CDN SRS, as well as a former age group national record holder. The outstanding basketball player (alternate for Canada’s National Team) captured high jump GOLD in 1962 as a sixteen year old (1.53m), and Silver in 1964 (1.63m). Distance runner Chris Williamson, a Fredericton native, electrified the distance fraternity by emerging as a solid national threat and challenging several CDN age class records along the way. He captured a Silver in the 1963 Nationals at 3 miles (14:15.7) and another Silver in 1964 at 5000 metres (14:47.2). He also medalled at National cross-country competitions.

Dave McAuley, a Saint John horizontal jumper with a slew of medals from National Age Class meets,  hit his stride at the National Seniors in 1965. The seventeen year old captured Silver in the Men’s Triple Jump at 13.83 metres. A decathlete at the inaugural 1969 Canada Summer Games, McAuley has held numerous provincial age class and school records in long jump, triple jump, 110 hurdles and relays which have stood for years. Finally, (Dr.) Bill Greenough, a native of Milltown/St. Stephen, was a 1967 Pan Am Games team member who narrowly missed making the ’68 Olympics by a few centimetres. He also competed in the 1967 World University Games for Canada, and captured seven medals at National Seniors over a four year period in the late 60’s. In triple jump,  he won GOLD in 1966 (14.10m), 1967 (15.44m), and 1968 (14.94m), as well as a triple Bronze in 1969 (14.72m), while in the long jump he won Silver in ’66 (7.29m), and GOLD in both ’67 and ’68 (7.37m/7.59m) for a career total of 7 medals . His all time personal bests at both LJ and TJ still stand as our official provincial records, and no NB jumpers in our history have ever approached those performance levels.

Thanks for visiting history with us.  Next month , we will continue our look at National Senior podium winners by visiting the last fifty years of championship contenders.

Rod MacKenzie

2020-03-26 - Joni Colwell Selected as Female Apprentice Coach for 2021 Games
2020-03-23 - Update to ANB Members - Covid-19 Situation
2020-03-16 - ANB Advisory and Recommendations COVID -19
2020-03-13 - Updates Regarding Contacting Athletics New Brunswick Staff
2020-03-13 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Government of New Brunswick

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