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Nov 30 2018 - Annual ANB Awards finalist Announced


Athletics New Brunswick is very pleased to announce the finalists for the 2018 ANB Awards. The winners will be presented at the ANB Awards Gala January 12th in Moncton

In addition to the athlete finalists, ANB will e recognizing outstanding contributions to the sport of athletics 4 other categories including volunteer, coach, and official and spirit of the sport.

The following is a list of the finalists for the 2018 ANB awards:


Female Bantam Athlete of the Year

Jocelyn Allanach (ASEA) of Dieppe

Sophie Dubé (FLTC) of Fredericton

Marin Macpherson (SJTC) of Quispamsis


Male Bantam Athlete of the Year

Luke Purdy (ASEA) of Riverview

Francis Roussel(FLTC)

Quinn Sullivan (SJTC) Of Quispamsis


Female Midget Athlete of the Year

Janelle Allanach (ASEA) of Dieppe

Carys Jacobson (FFFT) of Fredericton

Shelby MacIsaac (ASEA) of Riverview

Erin Vringer (SJTC)  of Saint John (SJTC)


Male Midget Athlete of the Year

Owen Enstrom (ASEA) of Lower Coverdale

Cameron Harris (SJTC)Of Quispamsis

Francois Richard (ASEA) of Dieppe


Female Youth Athlete of the Year

Jillian Beck (SJTC) of  Public Landing

Caroline Gagnon (ASEA) of Dieppe

Mackenzie Hall (FFFT) of Fredericton

Danielle Keefe (FFFT) of Fredericton


Male Youth Athlete of the Year

Jordan Henri (ASEA) of Moncton

Jacob LeBlanc (ASEA) of Moncton

Craig Thorne (SJTC) of Saint John


Female Junior Athlete of the Year

Abigail Davidson (FLTC) of Fredericton

Laura Dickinson (ASEA) of Miramichi

Veronique Omalasanga (ASEA) of Moncton

Lexie Shannon (FLTC) of Richibucto Road


Male Junior Athlete of the Year

Ryan Evans (SJTC) of Saint John

Kenneth McGovern (SJTC) of Saint John

Michael Mitton (ASEA) of Rexton


Female Senior athlete of the Year

Jennifer Bell (ASEA) of Chaplin Island Road

Geneviève Lalonde (SPNB) of Moncton

Sarah Macpherson (UNA) of Fredericton


Male Senior athlete of the year

Jack Berkshire (FFFT) of Fredericton

James Brace (ASEA) of Intervale

Andrew LeBlanc (SPNB) of Fredericton

Chris Robertson (UNA) of Moncton


Female Masters Athlete of the Year

Desirée Beaulieu (UNA) of Moncton

Patty Blanchard (UNA) of Dieppe

Rebecca Lagacé (SJTC) of Saint John

Heather LeBlanc (UNA) of Memramcook


Male Masters Athlete of the Year

Paul Gautier (SJTC) of Rothesay

Frank Kelly (UNA) of Saint John

Bruce Rosvall (SJTC) of Rothesay


Team of the Year

Legion Midget Girls 4x100m

(Janelle Allanach, Marena-Solim Halaoui, Carys Jacobson, Shelby MacIsaac)


NB Junior AC Indoor 4x200m

(Marie-Pier Cloutier, Robyn Davis, Caroline Gagnon, Joelle Leger)


ASEA Junior Atlantic 4x100m

(Janelle Allanach, Caroline Gagnon, Shelby MacIsaac, Véronique Omalosanga)


2017 Cross Country Awards

Female U18 XC Athlete of the year (2017)

Isabella Lemaire (ASEA)

Erin Vringer (SJTC)


Male U18 XC Athlete of the year (2017)

Francois Richard (ASEA) of Dieppe  *Winner*


Female 18+ XC Athlete of the Year (2017)

Laura Dickinson (ASEA) of Miramichi  (ASEA)

Carol-Ann MacDonald (UNA) of Irishtown  (UN-NB)


Male 18+ XC athlete of the year (2017)

Brady Graves (SJTC) of Saint John

Lee Wesselius (UNA) of  Riverglade


During the Gala Athletics New Brunswick will also be awarding the following awards: Female Outstanding Performer of the Year, Male Outstanding Performer of the Year, The Spirit of the Sport Award, the Harold Nicholson Volunteer of the Year, the official of the year and coach of the year.


*New this year*

As the 2018 Cross Country season has come to a close before our annual awards (as opposed to other years), the 2018 Cross Country awards for U18 and 18+ both Male and Female will also be awarded at this banquet. Nominations for these awards will be open for two weeks, so nominate your deserving athletes!


Congratulations to all finalists!

Tickets for the Gala will be available at shortly. 

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