ANB is looking for its next Athlete Rep on the Board of Directors!

Posted on Mar 30 2021

 ANB is in search of its next Athlete Representative to join the ANB Board of Directors.

This individual will play an important role within the sport of athletics, representing the voice of all New Brunswick track and field and cross-country athletes.

The successful candidate will be expected to attend all ANB Board meetings (6 virtual meetings per year plus the SAGM and AGM) during their term to participate fully in the all board discussions including expressing the athletes’ opinions and exercise their right to vote.

Applications will be open for a two-week period (until April 13th), followed by an election window (April 16th to 22nd) where all active athlete members of ANB will be invited to vote for their choice of Representative.

The successful candidate will be announced at the SAGM on April 24th, and will have a seat on the ANB Board for a two-year term. If no application come forward, the voting members at the SAGM will select/vote and elect a qualified athlete representative in this position for a one-year term.

Selection criteria: Active member of Athletics New Brunswick, must be 18 years or older, and must be recognized by ANB as having competed at a National or International competition within the last four years.

Eligible athletes are asked to submit a letter of interest, including their how they meet the selection criteria, what they wish to achieve in this position, and a short relevant bio and photograph.

This information will be posted for all voting members to see and review as part of the election process.

The ANB Board members wish to thank all ANB members who will make the effort to apply. The successful candidate invariably will gain lifetime experience in Board management, finance, bylaws and policies, strategic planning and in the inner workings of our organization.

The deadline to submit for this Board position is April 13th, 2021 to