ANB Welcomes New Athlete Rep - Dawson Nancekievill

Posted on May 28 2021

We are very pleased to welcome Dawson Nancekievill to our Board of Directors, appointed during our Semi-Annual General Meeting on April 25th, 2021.


A little about Dawson:

I have competed for the UNB Reds for the last four years and plan to continue competing with

them as I pursue a master’s degree at the University of New Brunswick. Likewise, I have been a

member of the Saint John Track Club since joining the UNB Reds. I am primarily a distance

athlete, focusing on the 1500m up to the 10,000m, including cross-country. However, earlier in

my athletic career I pursued high jump, long jump, the 200m, the 400m, and the 800m. Since

moving to New Brunswick in 2014, I have accumulated four NBIAA medals, two AUS cross-

country team medals, and one AUS track and field medal as a member of the Red’s 4x400m

team. I have competed at the Athletics Canada Cross-Country Championships twice and the

Athletics Canada Track & Field Championships once.


It is my aspiration to be a voice for athletes in every stage of their careers. I wish to provide an

open, honest, and transparent view of the sport in our province, with the goal of growing the

sport and supporting athletes. By working with the board of directors I hope to take steps to

ensure the long-term success of ANB and its athletes. I hope to be a strong voice on the Board by

making certain that athletes’ opinions and desires are heard. Similarly, as the athlete

representative, it would be critical that I help all athletes, regardless of background, orientation,

or ethnicity, achieve their goals in the sport of athletics.


At the risk of sounding cliché, the sport has done a lot for me and I wish to do a lot for the sport.

In the future, I would like to continue to contribute to this sport in the province of New Brunswick