Best Wishes from ANB

Posted on Jan 2 2021

Dear ANB Members,

On behalf of your ANB staff, Board and committee members, we wish to extend to everyone our best wishes over this 2020 holiday season and over the new year. We are most grateful to so many in what has been an “out of the ordinary” year.  Our gratitude begins with provincial health authorities and workers who take to the front line in the Covid-19 battle. Then our thoughts are with our seniors and the most vulnerable and finally with all of you our ANB members who lead through your example and ongoing contributions.

With lots of both good luck and carefulness, we in New Brunswick, are also far less affected than just about any other region of North America, another good reason to be grateful. Within this context, our staff, club coaches and administrators have looked for and provided training opportunities for many and in a few cases even competitive occasions. We are most grateful for their dedicated work.

Finally, the continued support of our major funding partners including this year the Federal Government’s employment funding support, have left ANB with the financial resources to implement a far more comprehensive and proactive plan when we fully reengage into the sport over 2021. In fact, it is a plan that we are most enthusiastic about and that for the first time, will provide in-province pathways from youth enjoyment and development all the way to international competitiveness, something we have not been able to offer in the past in such a complete way. We are extremely excited about these prospects and do hope it will create many individual opportunities and similarly collective success.

We also know that not everyone has access to funding support and their personal situation may be far more challenging. We therefore wish to extend a 20% discount to those paying the full $50 2021 ANB membership to $40. While we would wish to do more, we must still meet our remittance to Athletics Canada and cover various costs including insurance. For those who have already paid up, a refund will be extended over the next month.

We encourage you to remain most diligent in adhering to our Covid-19 provincial guidelines and remain safe. As a reminder, please be sure to renew your ANB membership for the 2021 calendar year, and sign your Covid waiver! We all know that by the time we write these holiday best wishes 12 months hence, we will be entering a new era of athletic engagement and equally joy of being all together. That will certainly be something to celebrate.


Marc Lalonde, President

Julia Loparco, Executive Director