Commitment to Diversity

Posted on Jun 3 2020

On behalf of the ANB Board and Staff, we wish to convey the following message from David Bedford, CEO of Athletics Canada;

“I write to you today to reaffirm Athletics Canada's commitment to our diversity.  Diversity of race.  Diversity of sexual orientation.  Diversity of religious and political beliefs.  Athletics may well be the most diverse, and inclusive, sport in Canada. It is something we should all take great pride in.  These are not just words.  They must be the moral compass that we live with, every single day.  We must strive for this world to be a better place, for all of humanity.  Let us shine our beacon of diversity and inclusion everywhere we go, and with everything we do.

Please understand that Athletics Canada will NOT tolerate any discrimination, of any kind.  Not for race, not for sexual orientation, not for religious or political beliefs.  If anyone involved with Athletics Canada ever experiences any discrimination, I urge you to bring this forward, either through your senior staff or via our independent Commissioner's Office.  We will immediately investigate any such instances of behaviour that contravenes Athletics Canada's values as outlined in this letter.  We are here, for all of you, and we pledge to always be part of the solution.”

We, at Athletics New Brunswick, stand in solidarity with all people who are affected by acts of intimidation, racism, bigotry, and violence. Such acts are not to be tolerated neither in our society nor in our sport.


Marc Lalonde                                                                                     Julia Loparco

ANB Board Chair                                                                               ANB Executive Director (Interim)