Covid-19 Update, January 6 2022

Posted on Jan 6 2022

 Hello ANB members, and Happy New Year!

I wanted to extend happy new year wishes on behalf od Athletics New Brunswick, as well as update our membership on the current status of ANB.

Currently, sport and recreation continues to have various restrictions imposed upon us; this means that ANB and all of its members and clubs fall under this umbrella as well.

Directives for ALL ANB members:

  • Competitions are not permitted at this time.
  • Training may continue provided only one team trains at a time in the same venue (there can be various training groups in one given club but these groups cannot overlap in accordance with space in training venue).
  • Physical distancing should be respected as much as possible outside of the field of play.

Directives for participants under 12:

  • Training for children under the age of 12 (regardless of vaccination status) is suspended until further notice.

*Please note, if a facility operator has stricter guidelines to follow, the stricter guidelines always supersede those of Athletics New Brunswick*

The latest updates from the Sport & Recreation Department can be found HERE.