POST MEET RECAP: Meets on June 5th

Posted on Jun 7 2021

Record Breaking Night in Dieppe

Saturday was the 2nd meet of the Aetos Twilight Series. Following last weekend’s meet, we were expecting to see a few provincial records be broken, and indeed we did:

- Samuel Bourque broke the Men’s U23 Discus Record of 44.92m set by Jonathan Gionet with a best throw of 45.70m.

- Heather LeBlanc broke the Woman’s 60-65 Master Record in the Shot Put with a throw of 8.12 m and came close to breaking the hammer record as well.


High School Dual Meet Highlights

During the day, we saw the final High School meets of the season. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to host an NBIAA Championship once again this year, but we were able to see some high school athletes compete with our multiple high school dual meets that happened in the passe 4 weeks. 

Here are some notable performances that we saw in the dual meets:

- Fred Parent (EMM) ran an impressive 4:25.54 personal best in the 1500m.

- Audrey Roy-Beausoleil (EMM) finished her high school season with a U18 girls national lead of 9:57.70 in the 3000m. She also ran a blistering 4:55.79 in the 1500m.

- Shelby MacIsaac (RHS) was able to finish her high school career with times of 12.56 100m and 26.17 200m respectfully.

- David Mavakala (HTHS) showed everyone that he will be a force to recon with next year as he moves up to the senior category. Running a 23.53 in the 200m, not to mention it was in a -5.5 wind, puts him as a treat to Jordan Henri’s NBIAA 200m record of 22.38. As a 15-year-old, he is ranked 1st in Canada for the 200 and the 400m and second in the 100.

- Jocelyne Allanach (EMM) throw some personel bests in both the shot put and discus throwing 10.12m and 25.63m.

- Sydney Walker (HTHS) won all her throwing competitions with best throws of 9.77m in the shot put and 23.31 in the discus.

- Micah Griffiths and Mohamed Helal were one the best rivalries we saw in the dual meet series. The MHS teammates raced the 1500m twice and Griffiths took it both times. They both established personal bests of 4:33.82 and 4:36.56.

- Dante Cormier and Remi Ouellette both made their high school debut in the para events. Dante was able to wheel both in the 100m and 200m in record breaking times. Because NBIAA records are to be set at a NBIAA Championship event, they aren’t official. We can only wait until next to hopefully host a NBIAA Championship since they’ve been canceled the past 2 years.


ASEA Sunshine Open

It was a hot windy day, but Chaleur Athletics and ASEA posted some great results in the Sunshine Open Dual Meet. 

- Eloise Hachey, Chaleur, finished first in the 100m, 200m and long jump. She jumped a whooping 5.19m, unfortunately it was a wind assisted mark.

- Janelle Allanach, ASEA, won both 400m hurdles and 400m in personal best times of 1:06.41, and 1:00.15.

- Julianna Lemaire, ASEA, won the U16 1200m in a time of 4:08 and the 800m in 2:29.90 respectfully. 

- Nathael Young, Chaleur, won the 100 meters and jumped to a personal best in his high jump victory. 

- Marc-Etienne LeBlanc, ASEA, won both the 200m and 400m, running a personal best in the 400m of 55.04. 

- Isaac Hachey threw a 34.66m to win the U16 discus event.


A special thanks to Edgar Vic who volunteered for all six ASEA hosted meets, providing the athletes with the needed consistency at the start line. Athletics officials are volunteers, and every coach, athlete and spectator would like to thank him for the time he puts in for the youth of New Brunswick.

On June 19th, ASEA will host its next dual meet.