Recap: NBIAA High School Regional Qualifiers

Posted on May 30 2022

Every facet of existence is formed by a balanced interaction of opposing and competing forces, according to duality theory. These forces, however, are complimentary rather than diametrically opposed. They don't cancel each other out; rather, they balance each other out like the two extremes of weather one saw on display at the NBIAA Regional Qualifying Meets this past Saturday in Rexton and Saint John.

In Saint John, a deep fog and mist rested like a thick blanket on the Canada Games Stadium; however, these conditions did not impede notable performances from occurring at the South-West Qualifiers. Fredericton High School’s Carys Jacobson won both the Senior Women’s 200m and 100m in blistering times of 25.35 (+3.0) and 12.05 (NWI).

In Rexton, the warm partially blue skies with strong winds encapsulated Bonar Law Memorial High School’s six-lane oval used for the North-East Qualifiers. J.M.A. Armstrong’s Jack Mellish swept the Junior Men’s sprints, winning the 100m, 200m, and 400m in times of (11.72 (+1.2), 23.63 (+3.4), and 53.65.

See all the best high school track & field talent in the province go head-to-head this coming Saturday (June 4th, 2022) in Rexton at Bonar Law Memorial High School to see who will be crowded provincial champions!