Who We Are, What We Do

About Us

Athletics New Brunswick is the governing body for track and field in New Brunswick and as such, is recognized as the both Provincial Sport Organization and the official branch of Athletics Canada. Athletics is often mistaken to mean a variety of sports, where it is actually the European term for track and field and its affiliated disciplines. The skills taught in athletics can be used, to some degree, in all other land based sports. We offer programs to affiliated and non-affiliated participants alike on a year round basis and receive operational funding through the Sport and Recreation Branch of the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture for the Government of New Brunswick.


To develop and promote the sport of athletics from grassroot to high performance across all ages and abilities, with emphasis on participation, delivery of quality training programs, and competitive environment opportunities. 


Be referred to as the model smaller-province PSO with the most per capita participation and offering an optimum training environment for athletes to attain national and international levels of competitiveness

Strategic Goals:

Participation - grow the number of people involved in athletics in NB, particularly focusing on increasing athlete membership by doubling of the number of active trained coaches, as well as by a healthy increase in the number of officials and volunteers.

Performance - improve the performances of our athletes at all age levels relative to national results. Increase our number of nationally carded athletes. Improve out national medals and encourage development of high quality coaches/clubs.

Positive Experience - deliver an exceptionally positive “WOW” experience for athletes, parents and volunteers leading to increased participation, satisfaction and retention of members at a level that will be best in the country.

Coaching - increase the development of more active, trained coaches leading to progress/success in the other goals. Actions related to development and recruitment of coaches will be of a high priority.


Individuals, Track & Field or Road Running Clubs, and Schools are able to register with Athletics New Brunswick (ANB). Membership benefits for individuals, clubs and schools include:

  • Information mail-outs containing information on up-coming events, clinics, and other developmental opportunities.
  • Sanctioned major championship track & field events annually - both indoor and outdoor - and cross country championships that are open to members.
  • Opportunities to qualify for provincial teams, including Age Class, Canada Games, and Jeux de la Francophonie.
  • Access to funding for athlete, coach, and officials development.
  • Records and rankings. ANB Newsletter Hosting of web page (registered clubs only).
  • Insurance coverage for members.

How We Can Help

Athlete Funding:

Athletes who are registered with Athletics New Brunswick (ANB) are eligible to receive funding support for training and competitions when it is available. Additionally, Athletics New Brunswick makes recommendations to the Sport, Recreation, and Active Living Branch (Department of Municipalities) regarding athletes deserving of High Performance Funding.

Athletes selected to be part of our Provincial Teams also have access to additional support based on their participation in the provincial teams programs.

Other Programs


Athletics New Brunswick (ANB), in addition to its program of competitions, works with other groups in New Brunswick to provide developmental programs to young people across New Brunswick. These include the "Intro to Athletics" and "Run Jump Throw Wheel" Programs offered to municipal recreation departments, schools and recreation organizations. These programs emphasize grassroots development and mass participation.

We also play a key role in the high school (NBIAA/AISNB) competitive program and the Royal Canadian Legion Youth Track & Field Program and stand ready to assist other organizations across New Brunswick which request our assistance.

Our year ends with an awards presentation to outstanding individuals in all categories.


Coaches are an essential part of our sport, without whom our sport could not exist. Athletics New Brunswick (ANB) develops coaches through various programs such as hosting NCCP technical courses and practical clinics, seminars, and through funding to high performance coaches. Athletics New Brunswick selects and nominates registered coaches to both the Legion Team and our own Provincial Teams.


There are also special programs for our officials. These dedicated volunteers who officiate at competitions are encouraged to upgrade their officiating knowledge at clinics and seminars offered by Athletics New Brunswick. Some funding is provided for officials who must travel out of province to earn "national" credits at major national competitions.

Road Racing:

The road racing program is carried out by Run New Brunswick, the road racing "arm" of Athletics New Brunswick. This autonomous committee of ANB is charged with the responsibility of organizing the annual road racing calendar which. This annual series of races provides road running athletes the opportunity to develop their talents by competing within their age group in an multi-race series with the top runners qualifying for the national championships.

Cross Country:

During the Fall, September to November, each year, Athletics New Brunswick sanctions various cross country races across the province, including Provincial Championships. Funding permitting, ANB may give some financial support to top athletes at the Junior and Senior level to attend the National Cross Country Championships.