In pursuit of ANB's goal of becoming the best provincial athletics association in Canada, we have had to reflect on some of the most frequently asked questions of the association. The continuing goal of ANB staff, as well as all those in leadership positions is to ensure that our association is the best it can be for our members.

ANB Staff

Matt Candy 
Executive Director
Steve Leblanc
Director of High Performance
(506) 877-1371
Chris Belof
High Performance Coach

Track Meets

Q - Indoors - Why are meets only held in Moncton and Saint John?
Outdoors - Why are meets only held in Moncton and Saint John?
A - These are the only venues in the province that have full facilities (rubberized tracks that have all the necessary secondary equipment such as high jump mats, hurdles, blocks, throws equipment, washroom facilities, etc).

Q - How are meet fees determined?
A - It depends on who is hosting the meet. If ANB is hosting the meet, then the current fee is $20 per event and $10 for each additional event. If the meet is being hosted by an individual club/group (ASEA, SJTC, etc) then they can set the amount to whatever they choose.

Athlete Development

Q - How can I get a training routine/plan?
A - ANB has numerous clubs and coaches across the province.  Check out our club section on the website https://www.anb.ca/club-finder/ and contact the one that is closes to you. If you are unable to find more information please contact one of our staff.

Q - Are ANB programs only for the best athletes?
A - No, while some of our programs have standards and qualification requirements the majority of our programs are open to all members.

Q - How do I get to higher-level meets?
A - Talk with your coach and club about the competition schedule. All NB meets can be found at on our calendar http://www.anb.ca/calendar/

Q - How do I get an event clinic hosted in my city/school/club?
A - Contact Chris Belof with the following information: date, location, where it is to take place, time available, event area(s), and equipment available.  He will do his best to coordinate it.

Club Development

Q - I want to get involved with my club - what should I do?
A - Get in contact with the president/head coach of the club.  Offer to join the board of directors (if there is one).  Share some ideas and thoughts on what the club can do better and what you are willing to do to help out.

Q - What if there is no club in my area?
A - Several options exists at this point - you could affiliate yourself with a club already running in the province; you could start your own club; you could continue to train and compete as an unattached athlete as club affiliation is not a requirement.


Q - I want to continue my NCCP coaching education.  What can I do?
A - Check out the calendar http://www.anb.ca/calendar/ to see if there are any up coming coaching clinics listed. You may also contact Chris Belof who is in charge of all NCCP related coaching education related matters in NB and make sure he is aware of what you are looking for.

Q - I want to become a better coach - what should I do?
A - Get online, pick up the phone, send an email - coaches are usually very open to helping others.  So don’t be shy. https://www.anb.ca/coaching-education/ has many useful links to websites that can help you. If you want to just chat coaching and ideas get in contact with ANB staff members.

Q - How do I get coaches to share their secrets?
A - While this is a decision for the individual coach, the best way to find out is to simply ask.  Coaches are always looking to make their athletes better so open up the dialogue and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Q - When are coaching courses offered?
A - Coaching courses are held when there is a perceived need.  Coaches looking to increase their certification should email Chris Belof to inform him of what course (club, sport, performance) and event area they are looking to do.  When there is enough to make a course worthwhile it will be organized. 

Q - Why is it more difficult to become further certified in the new NCCP?
A - The Coaches Association of Canada and NCCP have gone away from level decoration (higher level does not automatically make one a better coach) and more to role appropriate - Introduction, Development, High Performance.  These areas line up with our Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Plan.  The goal is for the coach to be the best that they can be at the level of athletes they are working with.  For example coaches wanting to work with athletes in high performance and get certified at the same level should expect to coach year round, have 4-6 training sessions per week, and working with athletes looking to attend the national junior and senior championships.


Q - Why do we need certified officials?
A - In order for a track meet to count for records, rankings, and making sure it follows the rules of the sport it is imperative that we have certified officials.  No officials means no track meets!

Q - How do I get involved as an official?
A - Contact our official’s chair - Carl Cummings (455-9304) carl.cummings@gnb.ca
He will be able to explain how to get involved.

Q - Are officials paid like a hockey referee?
A - No, all of our officials are 100% volunteers. Not only are our events much longer but they donate their time solely for the benefit of our sport.  Aside from some meals and expenses, they are out rain or shine for the betterment of our sport - so next time you see an official, please say “Thank you”! 

Q - How do I become more involved?
A - Contact our Executive Director, Gabriel LeBlanc or our Officials Chair, Carl Cummings.  Talk to an official at a track meet and ask them questions.  All of our officials are very friendly and would love to explain what they do.  We have spots at all of our events areas that are usually very simple but the important thing to remember is that all are important in making the events run on time and in accordance with the rules.  We are looking for more officials!

Athlete Development & Support Program

Q - Is this a team?
A - No, the ADSP is not a team.  The ADSP serves as a program designed to offer recognition, opportunity, and support to athletes in a wide variety of athletics stages ranging from development to elite.

Q - How do I become part of the ADSP?
A - There are a variety of factors that come into play when selecting athletes for the ADSP.  For an in-depth look check out the ADSP section of our website http://www.anb.ca/programs/adsp/

Q - What happened to the Podium and High Performance programs?
A - In short, the ADSP has replaced the Podium and High Performance programs, creating a more cohesive pathway for our athletes and allowing us to better serve our membership. 

Q - How are programs and events determined?
A - Our organizer (Steve LeBlanc) has an idea on what he wants to accomplish with his programs, however the biggest factor is the yearly calendar.  Factors such as competition calendar and location and timing are routinely examined. 

Q - I have further questions who should I contact?

A - For any HP or ADSP questions contact Steve LeBlanc.


Q - How are the standards determined?
A - Standards are determined by taking the average of 8th place from the previous three legion championships in each event.  Events where there are less than 8 competitors use an alternate standard determination format.

Q - Why are the NB standards different from the Canadian ones?
A - Canadian entry standards are determined to make sure that a large number of athletes can enter the meet and the quality of athletes is of a desired performance level.  New Brunswick standards are determined to select the best team of athletes possible.  Spots are limited and higher standards are required.

Q - Who sets the times, rules, and regulations while at the Legion Championships?
A - Athletes travelling and being part of Team New Brunswick are part of the Legion program.  As such the Royal Canadian Legion sets all schedule and rules.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact any of our staff or board members.  All of their contact information can be found on the contact portion of our website. http://www.anb.ca/contact/