Athletics New Brunswick recognizes the value of providing programs for young people. We are attempting, on our own, with partners, and with the schools of New Brunswick, to provide opportunities for young people to participate in our sport, to have fun, learn skills, and to rise to a good competitive level. Please check out the programs outlined on the following pages.  We value our partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion through the Legion Track & Field Program. We also partner with elementary and middle schools across the province to delivery Run Jump Throw Wheel (intro to athletics) programming designed for these age groups. ANB continues to work closely with the NBIAA/AISNB to provide the Interscholastic High School Track & Field Regional and Provincial Championships.

Our "Provincial Teams" Program involves our Age-Class Team (see Legion Track & Field Program), Canada Summer Games Team, and Jeux de la Francophonie Team.

Grass Roots - Under 13

  • Run Jump Throw Wheel
  • Run Jump Throw - Series
  • 12 Défis Challenges
  • Youth Cross Country Series

Youth 13-16

  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • Jeux de l'Acadie
  • Jeux de la Francophonie Canadienne

Junior and Above

  • Canada Summer Games
  • University Athletics
  • Jeux de la Francophonie Internationale
  • Masters Athletics


  • Athlete Development Support Program (ADSP)
  • Para Athletics
  • Maritime Track League
  • Performance Practice