Maritime Track League







Athletics New Brunswick is extremely proud to present the Maritime Track League! The Maritime Track League is a series of events that will offer high performance track and field competition opportunities to athletes from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island! Athletics New Brunswick, Athletics Nova Scotia, and Athletics PEI have been working on this project for the past few years and we are very excited to continue to offer this great program.



Rules & Eligibility

The athlete’s overall score will be the sum of the three best performances they have over the course of the selected meets. An athlete can record more than one performance from a single meet, but must still compete in 2 meets plus Atlantics to be eligible for the prizes. Athletes must be a member in good standing of their provincial branch to be eligible for the League. The ongoing series rankings can be kept and published to a website so the athletes can track their standings in the League. Performances achieved with no wind reading or with illegal winds will be included. In the case of a tie, the winner will be the athlete with the greater single performance score; if still tied, then the athlete with the single greatest performance by IAAF points will be the winner.