ANB wishes to acknowledge the passing of a most memorable ANB member - Edna Thibodeau (95).

Posted on Sep 15 2020

This grand lady had an unusual pathway into our sport of track and field making her rookie debut at the kindred age of 85 years old, with the assistance and inspiration of another ANB member, her son Paul Thibodeau. For those who were lucky enough to have been there, she brought smiles all around for many at various ANB meets, as she would find her way down the track for her 60 or sometimes 100-meter sprints. It is probably one of those rare occasions when everyone would hope for the slowest of possible times, if only to be able to share her joy of running and participating for just a little longer.

Edna died September 11th and we extend to Paul and all the Thibodeau family and friends our most sincere condolences. Edna will be missed greatly, though certainly not forgotten.