Notice of SAGM

Posted on Mar 23 2023

Please take this as an invitation to Athletics New Brunswick's Semi-Annual General Meeting, to take place on Sunday, April 30th at 1:00pm in the CEPS building at Université de Moncton. 

In preparation for our Semi-Annual General Meeting on April 30th at the CEPS in Moncton (room 252), please find the below link that will take you to the SAGM Package and associated reports.


Order of Business includes:


1. Call to Order, Welcome / Apologies for Absences - Ordre du jour

2. Presentation of Credentials and Roll Call - Vérification des pouvoirs et appel nominal

3. Adoption of the Agenda - adoption de l’ordre du jour

4. Minutes of 2022 AGM meeting and matters arising - Procès verbal de la dernière assemblée

5. Reports - Rapports des dirigeants et comités

5.1 President / présidente – Andrée S.

5.2 Executive Director / directrice générale – Julia L.

5.3 Treasurer / Trésorier – Jarod M.

5.4 Officials / Officiels – Carl C.

The following reports will be as submitted. Any questions can come forward throughout. Les rapports suivants seront émis pour information, les questions et discussions seront bienvenues à ce moment.

5.5 High Performance Coach / Entraineur de haute performance – Chris B.

5.6 Director of High Performance / directeur de haute performance – Steve L.

5.7 Technical Committee / comité technique – Steve L.

5.8 Governance Committee / comité de gouvernance – Yvan P.

5.9 Awards Committee / comité des prix – Michele L / Julia L.

5.10 Provincial Team Selection Committee / comité de sélection des équipes provinciales – Scott A.


6. Result of Election of Athlete’s Representative – élection du representant des athlètes


7. New Business - Nouvelles affaires

  7.1 Membership fees – Julia L.

7.2 Interpodia Update – Julia L.

7.3 Club Reports – Clubs.

7.4 Hub City Classic Update – ASEA.


8. Other business – Autres affaires

8.1 Motions – if any

9. Next General Meeting – University of New Brunswick – November 19, 2023 – Prochaine assemblée Générale – Université de Nouveau Brunswick – 19 novembre 2023

10. Adjournment – Clôture de la réunion

11. Appendixes

10.1 Appendix A: 2022 AGM Minutes

10.2 Appendix B: Financial Statements 

10.3 Appendix C: Strategic Plan

10.4 Appendix D: New Policies 3.0 + Policy 15 Bundle


The SAGM will run on Sunday, April 30th from 1:00pm-2:30pm, with workshops following until 4:00pm covering the topics of Youth Development and our ADSP program. Light refreshments and coffee will be provided.


The SAGM is open to all ANB members and we look forward to seeing many of you there!