ANB Coaching Mentorship/Camp Program

•The ANB Coaching mentorship/Coach Camp program embraces the concept of first hand learning experiences. Coaches will get the opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas with other like-minded individuals with the goal being to develop the coach’s ability to problem solve and critically think in regards to the coaching process. Coaches are welcomed into a daily training environment getting to take part in a variety training sessions, debriefs, and open chat sessions looking deeper into the reasoning and understanding of the planning process that coaches go through. Every year is slightly different but no topic is off limits and practical learning is prioritized.

- If coaches have ideas or suggestions for future mentorship they are encouraged to contact ANB. 

•2016 – Halifax with Rich Lehman (Endurance)
    –Apprentices: Kathleen Kiely, Brandon LeBlanc, Justin Young, Jennifer Butler, Sarah Myatt. 
•2015 – Saint John with Jason Reindl(Sprints & Hurdles)
    –Apprentices: Wendy Randell, Alex Coffin, Bruce Guitard
•2014 – Saint John with Jason Reindl(Sprints, Hurdles, & Jumps)
    –Apprentices: Jennifer Butler, Wendy Randell, Kathleen Kiely