Posted on Dec 14 2020

Today, mid-December 2020, finds us tracing our province’s Track and Field history at the Canada Summer Games, 1969-2017.

Prior to jumping into that topic, though, I have a major correction to make from our article from last Spring regarding medallists at the Canadian Senior Championships over the years. My apologies to one of our all-time greatest performers, from Legions thru CDN Jrs and Srs, to all his Cross Country accomplishments. I inadvertently omitted the outstanding achievements of ANB’s good friend, Barry Britt, who captured medals in the Men’s 10,000 metres at consecutive National Seniors in 2014 and 2015. Our provincial record holder at both 5k and 10k, Barry, 24, captured a “hometown” Gold at CDN Seniors in Moncton in 2014 with a 30:10.81, and followed this up with a superb silver in 2015 in London, Ont., in 29:31.86. My spreadsheets and files here contain all of Barry’s best results over the years, and it was just a complete blunder on my part to forget to include him in the article. I am sorry for this error, and in the future will do my utmost to double check my stats and stories ! Many thanks to one of his biggest fans and supporters from Hampton for bringing this to my attention. Greatly appreciated, and once again, please contact me at rodmackenzie24@gmail.com for additions, corrections or comments. And now, on with our story of Canada Games past.

In the mid 1960’s, the federal Liberal government, with eyes on long term Olympic goals, began discussions on a proposed national developmental sporting festival, to be held in various sites across the country, alternating between winter and summer. Through the Department of Health, Fitness and Amateur Sport, these plans came to fruition with the hosting by Quebec City, of the very first Canada Winter Games in 1967. Thirty months later, in late August 1969, Track and Field made its first appearance at the initial staging of the Canada Summer Games, on Beazley Field in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I was fortunate to have a prime seat, 30 metres past the finish line, as a 15-year old spectator at those ‘69 Games. New Brunswick has since sent almost five hundred track & field athletes to compete in thirteen editions of the Canada Games, and in every province except Alberta. Here are our all-time medallists:

1969 - Halifax/Dartmouth, NS (Open/Senior age class)
No medals won by NB - best finishes were:
6th place by Ann Robertson, Women’s Discus, Kathy Fleiger,
Women’s Javelin, and Men’s 4 x 400m relay

1973 - Burnaby/NewWestminster, BC (18U age class) (total 1 gold, 1 silver)
Men’s 800m - Peter Richardson, 18, Silver, 1:53.68
Men’s 1500m - Peter Richardson, 18, GOLD, 3:55.17

1977 - St. John’s, Nfld. (19U women, 20U men)
No medals won by NB - best finishes were:
7th - Men’s 4 x 100m, 8th - Men’s 100m, Gavin Williams and
Carolyn Gammon, Women’s Javelin

1981 - Thunder Bay, Ont. (22U) (3 bronze)
Men’s 800m - Tom Walchuck, 20, Bronze, 1:54.09
Men’s 10km Racewalk- Phillip (PJ) Meagher, 20, Bronze, 48:08.97
Women’s High Jump - Dianna Prosser, 16, Bronze, 1.74m

1985 - Saint John, NB (22U)
No medals won by NB - best finishes were:
4th place - Tom Moller, Men’s High Jump, Kim Malcolm, Women’s 5 K
Racewalk; 5th place - Scott Hare, Men’s 10,000m; 6th place - Kevin
Hooper, Men’s 1500m

1989 - Saskatoon, Sask. (23U) ( 1 gold, 1 bronze)
Men’s 400m Hurdles - Colin Inglis, 20, GOLD, 53.04
Men’s 10km Racewalk - Ronald Comeau, 18, Bronze, 56:13.49

1993 - Kamloops, BC (23U) (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
Women’s Discus - Wendy Phillips, 21, GOLD, 46.14m
Men’s 3000m Steeplechase - Rorri Currie, 23, Silver, 8:45.08
Men’s Shot Put - Travis Washburn, 19, Bronze, 15.14m

1997 - Brandon, Man. (23U) (1 silver, 2 bronze)
Men’s 10km Racewalk - Gord Mosher, 21, Bronze
Men’s High Jump - Jason Thomas, 22, Bronze, 2.13m
Women’s Triple Jump - Stephany Reid, 17, Silver, 12.22m (nwi)

2001 - London, Ont. (23U) (3 bronze)
Men’s 10,000m - Scott Simpson, 22, Bronze, 31:25.88
Women’s Long Jump - Stephany Reid, 21, Bronze, 5.70m (+1,2)
Women’s Triple Jump - Stephany Reid, 21, Bronze, 12.59m (+1.1)

2005 - Regina, Sask. (22U)
No medals won by NB - best finishes were:
6th place - Men’s 4 x 100m, 7th place - Women’s 4 x 400m,
Adam Kellar, Men’s 1500m, Jonathan Nason, Men’s Javelin

2009 - Charlottetown, PEI (22U)
No medals won by NB - best finishes were:
6th place - Barry Britt, Men’s 5000m, Caleb Jones, Men’s Javelin,
Men’s 4 x 100 ; 7th place - Ryan Cassidy, Men’s 3000m Steeplechase,
Kelsey Daley, Women’s 1500m

2013 - Sherbrooke, Que. (22U) (2 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze)
Men’s Javelin - Caleb Jones, 22, GOLD, 72.42m
Men’s Javelin - Mitch Quigg, 22, Bronze, 66.30m
Men’s Decathlon - Mitch Quigg, 21, Silver, 6574 pts
Women’s 1500m – Genevieve Lalonde, 22, Bronze, 4:26.69
Women’s 2000m Steeplechase - Genevieve Lalonde, 22, GOLD, 6:32.45 (Nat. record)
Women’s 5000m - Sarah MacPherson, 22, Bronze, 17:35.72
PARA events:
Veronica Coombes captured three silver medals in the wheelchair
200m( 39.78), 400m (1:14.16) and 1500m (4:41.76)

2017 - Winnipeg, Man. (22U) (3 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze)
Men’s Shot Put - Liam Turgeon, 21, Bronze, 14.66m
Women’s Steeplechase - Laura Dickinson, 18, Silver, 10:27.99
Women’s 5000m - Laura Dickinson, 18, Silver, 16:56.23
PARA events: Veronica Coombes, GOLD 200m, 38.49; GOLD, 400m,
1:16.73; GOLD, 1500m, 5:39.35 ; Jacob LeBlanc, 1500m, Bronze,
3:52.98 ; Christel Robichaud, Discus, Bronze, 14.55m

So there you have it - 33 medals won by 22 athletes in almost 50 years.
Thanks for your interest; we will continue, and soon wrap up, our look at our Track and Field history in the New Year. Coming soon, our all time top 25 performances in every senior event. Stay safe, stay healthy and be smart, and hopefully your training & competition schedules will soon return to normal.